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Icelandic Boy Names

  • Adalstienn

    Noble stone.

  • Adalward

    The noble guardian.

  • Armann


  • Arnar

    Warrior or soldier.

  • Arnór

    A variant of Arnar, meaning warrior.

  • Atli

    Little father

  • Ágúst

    Icelandic variant of August, meaning the dignified.

  • Ásgeir

    Icelandic form of Oskar, meaning spear.

  • Ísak

    Icelandic variant of Isaac, meaning he laughs.

  • Óðinn

    Inspired, or one who inspires.

  • Óblauðr

    One who lives his life without fear

  • Ólafur

    Ancestor's descendent

  • Ölvir

    One who is lucky or olive tree.

  • Össur

    One who answers.

  • Úlf


  • Úlfur

    Wolf in Icelandic language. A variant of Ulfr.

  • Baldur

    One who comes from Iceland

  • Bardi

    One who has a beard.

  • Böðvarr

    Son of Thorleif.

  • Búi

    One who is a farmer.

  • Berrant

    One who is like a strong bear

  • Birgir


  • Birkir

    Birch tree

  • Birtingr

    A smart, capable and illustrious man.

  • Bjarki

    A small bear

  • Bjartur


  • Brandr


  • Breki


  • Brynjar

    Armor or warrior.

  • Dagbjart

    Daylight, bright day

  • Dagbjartur

    Daylight or bright day.

  • Dagur

    Day in Icelandic language.

  • Dyri

    Deer in Icelandic language.

  • Egill

    Terror, one who terrorizes others.

  • Eiðr


  • Eirikur

    A man of great strength.

  • Elvar

    A variant of Alvar, meaning elf warrior.

  • Erikur

    A form of Eric, meaning peaceful ruler.

  • Eysteinn

    The stone island.

  • Eyvindur

    Lucky warrior.

  • Fannar

    Snow, warrior or army.

  • Finnur

    One from Finland.

  • Fróði

    A learned or wise man.

  • Fridgeir

    Peace spear

  • Fridmar

    Brilliant or shining peace

  • Gamli

    Old or something old.

  • Gegn

    The one who is against or versus

  • Geir

    Pointed weapon used in the battle field.

  • Gellir


  • Gestur


  • Grímur

    One who wears a mask, one who is concealed.

  • Greipr

    A man of great strength.

  • Guðjón

    Icelandic word for God.

  • Hafoca

    Icelandic word meaning Havoc (originally used in the phrase cry havoc)

  • Hallbjorn

    Rock and hair

  • Halldór

    The thunder god.

  • Haraldur

    Leader of an army.

  • Haukr

    Hawk in the Icelandic language.

  • Hávarr

    High warrior.

  • Helgi

    One who is blessed.

  • Hinrik

    A form of Henry. It means estate ruler.

  • Hjörtr

    A male deer.

  • Hjortur

    Deer in Icelandic language. A variant of Hjörtr.

  • Holti

    He who comes from the small forest

  • Hrafn


  • Hreinn

    A reindeer in Icelandic language.

  • Játgeirr

    The fortunate spear.

  • Jöðurr

    A guardian

  • Kalfr

    Young cow in Icelandic language.

  • Kleppr

    A large stone.

  • KlÅ“ngr

    Claw in Icelandic language.

  • Knjúkr

    The top of a high, steep, round mountain.

  • Kolli

    One who is bald.

  • Kolskeggr

    One who has a black beard.

  • Kvígr

    A young bull.

  • Leiðolfr

    Chief wolf.

  • Leifr

    A variant of Leifur, meaning heir.

  • Leifur

    Heir or successor.

  • Móðolfr

    The fearless wolf.

  • Mikkael

    Icelandic version of Michael, meaning who is like God.

  • Narfi


  • Pétur

    Icelandic form of Peter. It means rock.

  • Rauðr

    A town or village, or the color red.

  • Refr

    A fox in Icelandic language.

  • Sæbjörn

    Sea bear in Icelandic.

  • Sigurdur

    He who is a victorious defender

  • Sindri

    He who splarkles

  • Skeggr


  • Skjöldolfr

    The protector wolf.

  • Smiðr

    A smith in Icelandic language.

  • Styrr


  • Sumarliði


  • Svarthöfði

    Black head.

  • Svartur

    The color black

  • Sveinn

    A Boy or a lad, one who is young

  • Torfi

    The turf, a layer of earth covered with grass

  • Trausti

    One who is dependable.

  • Uggi

    Fear of something, phobia, fear

  • Ulfhrafn

    A combination of the words wolf and raven.

  • Ulfr


  • Vagn

    A carriage in Icelandic language.

  • Valdimar

    Ruler of the ocean.

  • Vígi

    A fighter

  • Vígolfr

    The battling wolf.

  • Vestmaðr

    A Western man

  • Veturliði

    Winter sea traveler.

  • Vigharthur

    One who is fearless in war.

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