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Hebrew Boy Names

  • Aabraham

    Estonian spelling for Abraham. It means father of many.

  • Aapo

    Finnish form of ABRAHAM or being father of multitude

  • Aaran

    The meaning of aaran is enlightened, mountain or strength

  • Aariyeh

    A rare name desiring spiritual and enjoy of isolation and meditation

  • Aaro

    Progressive; Mountain of strength. Derives from name Aharon

  • Aaron

    Messenger (Hebrew); Enlighted; Mountain of Strength; From the Old Testament, Aaron

  • Aarron

    the one who is Enlightened it also means to sing

  • Abbey

    Father; My Father is light

  • Abbot

    Father; A Variant of Abba

  • Abbott

    Father,Preist; Father of Abbey

  • Abdiel

    Servent of god

  • Abe

    Form of Abraham, meaning father of many or father's exalted

  • Abel

    Usually it means vanity or breath or tansitory

  • Abell

    Exhalation of Breath; A Variant of Abel

  • Aber

    Yiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a might nation.

  • Aberlin

    Yiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a multitudes.

  • Abi

    (Hebrew) Father, (Turkish) Elder Brother, French (Priest)

  • Abidan

    My father is judge

  • Abidin

    Hebrew - Father of Knowledge; My Father Knows

  • Abie

    Father of Many; Diminutive of Abraham;

  • Abijah

    The Lord is My Father; Gift of God, Hebrew - Yahweh is my father

  • Abisha

    My Lord is my father

  • Abishai

    One who is desirous of a gift

  • Abiyram

    My lord is of high esteem

  • Abner

    The father of light

  • Abrahah

    Father of masses

  • Abraham

    Father of a multitude

  • Abrahm

    The father of many

  • Abram

    A form of Abraham

  • Abramo

    high father; father of a multitude

  • Abrams

    An exalted father or high father

  • Abramson

    The son of an exalted father

  • Abrasha

    Yiddish form of Abraham, meaning Father of a multitudes.

  • Abs

    The God of peace or the father of peace

  • Absalom

    Hebrew meaning God the Father is peace

  • Absalon

    God the Father is peace

  • Absolom

    My father is peace

  • Aby

    Father of multitude or masses

  • Achar

    To disturb or to trouble

  • Achatius

    In Hebrew it means the God is holding. In Greek it means a duminitive person

  • Achaz

    Hebrew - God is Holding; One that Takes or Possesses

  • Acher

    The other one or the outsider

  • Achim

    Hebrew - Yahewh will establish; A name variant of Joachim.

  • Ad

    Arabic - Settler; German - Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of Adam

  • Adam

    Man, earth

  • Adama

    The study or facts of earth or ground

  • Adames

    The earth or someone born of earth

  • Adams

    The person who is made of earth

  • Adamsson

    The son of Adam, from earth

  • Adamus

    One who is made of red earth

  • Adan

    The son of Adam, man or red earth

  • Adar

    Syrian - Ruler, Prince; Hebrew - Fire

  • Addai

    Man of God

  • Addar

    A mighty or a superior person. Son of Jacob

  • Addey

    In Hebrew it means off the red earth. In English it means bright and shining person

  • Addy

    Pet form of Adam, of the red earth

  • Ade

    African - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - Man

  • Adem

    Hebrew - Man; Old Greek - Manly; Brave

  • Aderet

    One who is glorious, a moshav in Israel

  • Adie

    Celtic - Little Fire; Hebrew - Man; Latin - Man from Hadria, dark one

  • Adiel

    Hebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil

  • Adim

    In Hebrew - Man; A variant of name Adam

  • Adiv

    A delicate or gentle person

  • Adlai

    My witness

  • Adley


  • Admaa

    The earth or the soul

  • Adon


  • Adonai

    My lord

  • Adone

    The Lord, or the God

  • Adree

    In Hebrew it means majesty of God. In Sanskrit it means Rock

  • Adriel

    The collection of Gods, followers of God

  • Agur

    Hebrew - Compiler; Biblical - Stranger; Gathered Together

  • Ahab

    Father's brother

  • Ahiram

    Brother of the exalted

  • Ahrun

    Assyrian form of Aaron, meaning exalted.

  • Airyck

    Derived from the Old Norse Eirìkr, eternal ruler

  • Aissa

    God saves

  • Aitan

    Hebrew - Strong

  • Aizik

    Yiddish form of Yitzchak, meaning he will laugh.

  • Akeem

    Arabic - Wise; Hebrew - Yahweh will establish; Established by Yahweh ; A derivative of name Hakim

  • Akiba

    One who relaces the other

  • Akim

    God will establish, The Lord exalts

  • Alatan

    Strength, a strong one

  • Allon

    Hebrew - Oak; Gothic - Noble and Ready; Celtic - Little Rock, Harmony, Peace; A variant of name Alan

  • Alon

    Hebrew - Oak; Gothic - Noble and Ready; Celtic - Little Rock, Harmony, Peace; A variant of name Alan

  • Alpheus

    Hebrew - Successor

  • Alqasnona

    A form of Jonah. It means dove.

  • Alvan

    A tall and lofty noble friend having eloquent, sublime and versatile nature

  • Amarya

    The word God

  • Ameer

    A born leader and a prince who is born to give orders

  • Ami

    Hebrew - Lord of my people; It is a variant of name Amiel

  • Amir

    A born leader and a prince who is born to give orders

  • Amirr

    A born Prince who gives orders and are prosperous

  • Ammi

    My people

  • Ammital

    He who is truthful

  • Amos

    Carried; the one who is strong and brave

  • Anani


  • Ananias

    Hebrew - God was gracious; A variant of name Annas

  • Anschil

    Yiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.

  • Anshel

    Yiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.

  • Anshil

    A blessed and happy soul.

  • Aran

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; exalted; A variant of name Aaron

  • Ardon

    Hebrew - Bronze; Latin - Green Forest; A variant of name Arden

  • Arek

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arele

    Yiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.

  • Arend

    Germanic - Eagle Ruler; Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arent

    Germanic - Eagle Ruler; Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arick

    Old Norse - Ever Ruling, Island Ruler; Germanic - Powerful Ruler

  • Arie

    Hebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; Greek - Excellent Purpose

  • Arik

    Hebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; Greek - Excellent Purpose

  • Arins

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; Exalted; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arke

    The light-bringer.

  • Arles


  • Arnan

    Hebrew - Rushing Stream; Derivative of name Arnon

  • Arnie

    Germanic - Eagle Ruler; Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arny

    Eagle ruler; one who is as strong as the Eagle

  • Arron

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; Exalted; A variant of name Aaron

  • Arvio


  • Ary

    Hebrew - Lion; Greek - Best; Excellent; A variant of name Ari

  • Aryeh

    Lion of God; has powers

  • Aryll

    Lion of God; is majestic

  • Asa

    Physician and a healer; like a doctor

  • Asael

    Created by God; one who is a quick thinker

  • Asaf

    Lined up, clear

  • Asah

    Doctor,Healer; a beautiful morning

  • Asaph

    Collector who can gather good things

  • Asaya

    Created by God who is like a present

  • Ash


  • Asher

    Blessed, happy; fortunate and blessed individual

  • Ashir

    Hebrew - Blessed, Happy, Wealth; A variant of name Asher

  • Ashu

    One who is happy ; one of jacob's sons

  • Ashur

    Assyrian - God of War; Islamic Month; Biblical - Who is happy; Hebrew - Warlike

  • Asner

    Hebrew - Happy, Blessed; Cute

  • Asriel

    Prince of the God

  • Asser

    Hebrew - Happy, Blessed; Cute; A variant of name Asher

  • Atalia

    Hebrew word meaning God is great

  • Atam

    Hebrew - Man; A variant of name Adam

  • Atara

    Hebrew word meaning crowned

  • Ataya

    A person's name which means that the God helps

  • Athalie

    Lord or the divine spirit id great

  • Attin

    Hebrew - Man; A variant of name Adam meaning red earth

  • Attkins

    Hebrew - Man; A variant of name Adam meaning red earth

  • Aver

    Aver is the short form of Abraham and means father of multitude.

  • Avi

    A fantastic father; loving and charismatic

  • Avian

    A father of multitude; bird like creature

  • Avidan

    A father figure; God is just and kind

  • Avidor

    The one who is the father of multitude

  • Avielle

    They are God of all and is a father; powerful one

  • Avigdor

    A protecting and nurturing father figure

  • Avikam

    Hebrew - My father has risen

  • Avimelech

    My father is king

  • Avishai

    One who is the wonderful gift of God

  • Aviv

    They are spring seasoned and young

  • Aviya

    My father is the only Lord

  • Avner

    A Hebrew name; they are compassionate

  • Avniel

    God provides all the strength

  • Avraam

    They are father of many

  • Avraham

    The one who is father of many

  • Avram

    Hebrew - Father of multitude; High Father; Derivative of name Abraham

  • Avrian

    A high father of multitude

  • Avrohom

    A loving and caring human being

  • Avrom

    A form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.

  • Avyi

    A father of many

  • Ayalon

    Deer or gazelle

  • Azareel

    Help of God

  • Azaziah

    Strength of Yahweh

  • Azrail

    The Angel of Death

  • Âbréhan

    Norman form of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.

  • Ísak

    Icelandic variant of Isaac, meaning he laughs.

  • Ba'al Zevuv

    Possessor of the high place

  • Barabas

    Hebrew - Barabba

  • Barak

    African - Blessed; Hebrew - Lightning; A variant of name Barack

  • Baram

    Hebrew - Son of the nation; Barem and Barim are derivatives from Baram

  • Barnabe

    Son of Prophecy

  • Bartemius

    Timaeus's son

  • Barthelemy

    Farmer's Son

  • Bartulme

    Assyrian form of Bartholomew, meaning son of Tulme.

  • Batholomew


  • Bayit

    House, residence

  • Ben

    Son Of

  • Ben Gurion

    Hebrew - Son of the Lion; A variant of name Ben Guryon

  • Ben-Aryeh

    Son of the lion

  • Ben-Tziyon

    Son of Zion

  • Benjamim

    son of the south, son of the right

  • Benji

    son of the south, son of the right

  • Benjy

    Hebrew - Son of the South; Son Of the Right Hand, Favorite; A diminutive of the name Benjamin and variant of Ben

  • Bennie

    son, son of; son of the south, son of the right hand, son of my old age, favorite; blessed

  • Benny

    Hebrew - Son of the South; Son Of the Right Hand, Favorite; A diminutive of the name Benjamin and variant of Ben

  • Bethuel

    Man of God

  • Blažej

    One who talks with lisp.

  • Boas

    Hebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name Boaz

  • Boaz

    Hebrew - Swift and Strong; A vairant of name Boas

  • Bogdanoff

    Gift of God.

  • Bracha

    A beautiful blessing

  • Bram

    One who is the father of many children

  • Cain

    He who is good with the spear

  • Cane

    One who has a spear

  • Cephas

    A stone or a rock

  • Chael

    The one who resembles God

  • Chagai


  • Chago

    The holder of heel; a saint

  • Chaim

    The one filled with life

  • Chanandeep

    The cloud

  • Chanandip

    Light of God

  • Chanoch

    A profound being

  • Chatzkel

    God strengthens.

  • Chaviv

    He who is beloved.

  • Chayim

    Life; one who lives life

  • Chayyim


  • Cherub

    An Angel

  • Chiram

    An exalted and noble being.

  • Choni

    A gracious being.

  • Cob

    One who replaces or takes the place of someone else

  • Cobby

    A person who replaces or supplants or takes the place of someone else

  • Cohen

    One who performs sacred rituals; a priest

  • Colben

    'Col' stands for the victory of men and 'ben' stands for son of

  • Cunacus

    Meant to be read

  • Daan

    God is a judge

  • Dad

    God is a father

  • Daewon

    Merciful; humane

  • Dagan

    Name of a little fish

  • Dagon

    Earthly grain

  • Daivey

    The one who is dearly loved

  • Damaris

    Super gentle being; Calf

  • Damek

    A tamer on Earth

  • Dan

    Under God's justice

  • Danial

    God is a ruler

  • Daniel

    A Prophet

  • Danijel

    God is a judge

  • Danil

    A Judge

  • Danila

    God is a judge

  • Danilo

    God has been a judge

  • Daniyyel

    God is my judge

  • Dann

    Judge; provide justice

  • Dannee

    God rules us all

  • Dannon

    God will rule

  • Danny

    Folk song

  • Dannyn

    A famous song

  • Dano

    Pet form of Daniel

  • Dantina

    Lord's judge

  • Danuel

    Faithful Prophet

  • Danut

    The Romanian form of Daniel. It means beloved.

  • Danuta

    God is a loving judge

  • Dany

    The right judge

  • Danya

    A darling individual

  • Danyal

    Best ruler

  • Danyel

    God will protect

  • Danyell

    The God who is a judge

  • Danyelle

    A true ruler; judge

  • Danyl

    A passionate lover; judge of character

  • Dar

    A Pearl

  • Dashan

    Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful

  • Dava

    Version of David meaning beloved

  • Daveth

    One who is the favourite

  • Davey

    One who is dearly loved and adored

  • Davidde

    A sweet heart and a lover

  • Daviel

    One who is a prized

  • Davies

    A prized individual

  • Davin

    A precious being

  • Davood

    A friend; helper

  • Davy

    A cherished and precious individual

  • Davyd

    A lovely human being

  • Deedee

    A beloved being; raging one from the valley

  • Deen

    A certain way of life; one who has faith

  • Dejohn

    Yahweh is a merciful being

  • Dekel

    A sensitive and respectable being; Palm tree

  • Dijon

    A gracious and wish fulfiling God

  • Divyendu

    The Moon; they are happy and intelligent

  • Dor

    Generation; one who is habitation name

  • Dorlee

    A generation who lives in the home

  • Doron

    A present; they are helping natured

  • Dothan


  • Dov

    A bear; they are mighty and strong

  • Dovid

    Yiddish form of David, meaning beloved.

  • Dror

    Freedom or Sparrow

  • Dudel

    One who is beloved, favorite or darling.

  • Duriel

    One who considers God as his home

  • Dutch

    A father of many

  • Dvir

    The most holy place

  • Ean

    It means God is forgiving.

  • Eathan

    It means an optimistic and strong person.

  • Eban

    It means 'Stone'.

  • Ebb

    A person who has a desire to accomplish something; Stone of help

  • Eben

    It means a precious stone of help.

  • Ebenezer

    Stone of help in hebrew.

  • Ebrard

    the one who gives strong advice, one who is powerfull consellor

  • Eder

    A flock; group

  • Edin

    Delightful and lovely individual

  • Edom

    One who came out of the red earth

  • Edred

    A wealthy ruler

  • Efraim

    Fruitful and lovely human being

  • Efrat

    One who is very reputed and briliant

  • Efrem

    The one who is productive

  • Efren

    One who is producing good results; fruitful

  • Efron

    Young stag

  • Eian

    God is gracious; Scottish form of john

  • Eilam

    Forever one who is a creative natured

  • Eilan

    An evergreen tree

  • Einan

    One with very pretty Eyes

  • Eion

    God is gracious and loves all beings

  • Eiran

    He who is awake and vigilant.

  • Eitan

    One who is steady and very bold

  • Eithin

    One who is imaginative and creative and enduring; long lived

  • Elad

    God is eternal

  • Elam

    One who is immortal; a virgin

  • Elazar

    Hebrew - God is Help; God is my helper; God has helped; A variant of name Eliezer

  • Elazaro

    God has helped

  • Elcanah

    One who is created by God

  • Elchanan

    Almighty is good

  • Eleasar

    They are the one who get help from God

  • Eleazar

    The one who is helped by God

  • Eli

    Since a child they understand God

  • Eliah

    They are passionate about work; God is Lord

  • Eliaz

    God is the most powerful of all

  • Eliazor

    A servant who asks God for help

  • Elie

    One who deeply loves God and shares light

  • Eliel

    An Angel sent from heaven

  • Elieser

    One asking God for help

  • Elijah

    Name of a very famous King and a Prophet

  • Elior

    God who shows mercy and is my light

  • Eliphelet

    My God is deliverance

  • Elisha

    God provides salvation and is stable

  • Elishama

    God hears everyone

  • Elisheba

    One who provides salvation; a God

  • Elisie

    My God is salvation

  • Eliu

    One who has chosen his God

  • Eliyah

    A form of Elijah. It means my God is Yahweh.

  • Eliyahu

    One whho takes Lord as his God

  • Eliyyahu

    The Lord is my God

  • Elkan

    A beautiful creation by God

  • Elkin

    One who is created by God

  • Ellis

    Elijah; One who considers Jehovah as God

  • Elnatan

    Gift of God

  • Elrod

    The one who is born ruler; God

  • Ely

    this name means my god is Jehovah or famous fighter.

  • Elya

    this name means that lord is my god.

  • Elye

    A form of Elijah, meaning height or ascension.

  • Elys

    this means a famour fighter or Jehovah is my God.

  • Elzi

    this means someone from Elli's estate or wealthy nobleman.

  • Emek

    this name means valley.

  • Emmanuel

    a word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us.

  • Enan


  • Enoch

    it means dedicated.

  • Enos

    the grandson of Adam and Eve; the first human beings on earth.

  • Ephesian

    a desirable person.

  • Ephraim

    Joseph's son in the Old Testament.

  • Ephram

    it is a Hebrew word for fruitful.

  • Ephrem

    tremendously abundant or fruitful.

  • Ephron

    overly fruitful in nature.

  • Eran

    follower or awakened.

  • Erel

    it literally means I see god.

  • Erez

    a tall and strong tree; cedar.

  • Eri

    a poetic name for Ireland.

  • Eriah

    the lord is god.

  • Eron

    enlightened or mountain of strength or high mountain.

  • Esa

    someone for whom god is the ultimate salvation.

  • Esau

    a person who finishes.

  • Esdras

    it means to help.

  • Eshai

    A form of Jesse, meaning God exists.

  • Eshakol

    A grape cluster

  • Eshkol

    Hebrew - Cluster of Grapes; Derivatives of Eshkol include the names Eshckol, Eshkole, and Eshkoll.

  • Esli

    near me or someone who separates.

  • Essra

    it means help.

  • Etan

    a steady and strong person.

  • Ethan

    strong or gift of the island.

  • Ethen

    safe or firm or strong.

  • Ether

    to talk.

  • Ethibal

    noble talk.

  • Ethilfrith

    an old archaic word meaning noble talk.

  • Eudeyrn

    fond of his king.

  • Evanam

    my prayer has been heard.

  • Even

    god is gracious or born of yew or youth.

  • Evenezer

    Foundation stone

  • Evron

    To be fruitful

  • Eyal

    To have strenght and might

  • Eytan

    A solid and enduring person

  • Eyyup

    Eyyup is the Turkish form of Job and means he that weeps or cries.

  • Eza

    One who is always eager to help

  • Ezequias

    One who finds strenght in Yahweh

  • Ezra

    One who loves to help others

  • Ezrah

    A helpful person

  • Ezriel

    He who recieved help of God

  • Faibel

    A brilliant man

  • Feivel

    One who is extremly bright

  • Froim

    A form of Ephraim, meaning fruitful.

  • Gaabriel

    A form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.

  • Gabe

    From the name gabriel

  • Gabor

    God is my strength and might.

  • Gabran

    One who stays close to God

  • Gabrian

    The man who always stay close to God.

  • Gabriele

    God has given me great power.

  • Gabriello

    A champion of God.

  • Gadi

    Positive fortune or profitable future.

  • Galel

    Movement or trend of God.

  • Galil

    The place is full of mountains.

  • Galon

    Resembles the power of the wave.

  • Gamaliel

    Gift from God.

  • Ganel

    Hebrew - Garden of God;

  • Ganith

    Armed group or flower park.

  • Gareb

    dirty or shabby.

  • Gaufridus

    The God of peace

  • Gavrail

    Bulgarian form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.

  • Gavriel

    Hebrew accent of Gabriel (God is my strength and power).

  • Gedaliah

    Yahweh is outstanding or God is supernatural.

  • Gedalya

    God is perfect and magnificent.

  • Gedeon

    Refers to a slayer or killer.

  • Gemariah

    The person who is completed or purified by God.

  • Geovanny

    God is thoughtful and caring.

  • Gera

    Hebrew - A Grain; Pilgrimage; Combat; Dispute;

  • Gerar

    Refers to a place of staying, dwelling place, accommodation.

  • Geremia

    God is dwelling in high above the heavens.

  • Gershom

    Refers to an individual that one is not acquainted with.

  • Gershon

    The person who dies not belong to the family of society.

  • Gershwin

    Related to music or melody or song.

  • Gewis

    The blackness of a person

  • Giacobbe

    God may protect

  • Giamo

    A supplanter, replacement

  • Gian

    Hebrew name meaning God's gift

  • Gideon

    Gideon is a Biblical male name of Hebrew origins. It means He that Bruises or Breaks, a Destroyer.

  • Gidon

    Gidon is a male name of Hebrew origin and means Mighty Warrior.

  • Gil

    Gil is a male name of Hebrew origin and means Joy, Happiness. The name is used a lot in English speaking countries, but also in Spain and France.

  • Gilad

    Gilad is a male name and means Monument, Site of Testemony. It has Hebrew, Biblical and Arabic origins.

  • Giladi

    Giladi is a male name of Hebrew and Arabic origins and means Monument. In Arabic Giladi means Camel Hump.

  • Gilam

    Gilam is a Hebrew male name and means Joy of People, Joy of Nation.

  • Gilead

    The name Gilead is male Hebrew name and means Monument of Testimony.

  • Gilli

    Gilli is a male Hebrew name. The meaning of the name is Happiness,

  • Gilon

    Gilon is a Hebrew male name. The meaning of the name Gilon is Circle.

  • Gio

    The meaning of Gio is Farmer, or The Lord is Gracious.

  • Giora

    Giora means Strong in Hebrew.

  • Glison

    Gilson means the Son of Gil, The Son of Joy or The Son of the One Who Serves the Christ

  • Gliuis

    Gliuis variation of hte name Ludwig, means Famous Battle

  • Golgotha

    Hebrew word for skull

  • Guri

    Guri means the cute loin cub which loves to cuddle with his mom.

  • Guryon

    A brave person who can fight with circumstances.

  • Hadar

    Glory, magnificence, splendor

  • Hadara

    A stunning or spectacular ornament,

  • Hadarah

    A stunning or spectacular ornament,

  • Hadas

    Hadas is one of the 'four species' used on Sukkot with the lulav and etrog

  • Hadass

    Myrtle tree in Hebrew

  • Ham

    Home, Heads, Chief, Warm or Hot

  • Haman

    magnificent, Memorable, Noise, tumult

  • Hampus

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Hanan

    Compassion, sympathy, love

  • Hanniel

    Favored of God. 'Graciousness of God'.

  • Hannu

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Hans

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Hanschen

    God is great

  • Hansel

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Harel

    Mountain of God, a place name mentioned in the Bible

  • Haron

    Mountain of strength

  • Haroona

    protector, Messanger

  • Harrell

    Hebrew - Mountain of God; A variant of Harold

  • Harrod


  • Hashem

    'Thank God' (literally, 'Blessed be God').

  • Hasin

    Beautiful, Elegant, Strong. Laugh

  • Hason

    Strong, Hardy

  • Hassin

    Strong, Powerful

  • Hava

    Modern Hebrew form of eve

  • Hazaiah

    God Sees

  • Heber

    Hebrew - Enclave, Ally, Fellowship; A derivative of the Irish Eber

  • Hemele

    Faithful, Truthful

  • Herell

    Mountain of god

  • Hersch

    Antelope, deer

  • Herschel


  • Hezro

    Biblical Hebrew - Enclosed

  • Hezron

    Hebrew - From the walled Town; Surrounded by Wall; Enclosed

  • Hindal

    Taker of India; a name given to Deer

  • Hiram

    Hiram of Tyre is mentioned in the Bible as an ally to King Solomon and assisted in the building of the temple

  • Honna

    Hebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; A variant of Anna

  • Hosea

    Hosea means 'salvation.' Hosea was a prophet in the Old Testament.

  • Hosie

    Hebrew - Salvation; Yahweh is salvation; A variant of the name Hosea

  • Hovhannes

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful

  • Hovsep

    Hebrew - Yahweh will add (another son); A derivative of Joseph

  • Hozai


  • Huon

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A derivative of the name John

  • Hy

    The life itself

  • Hyman

    To be a man, a male

  • Hymie

    The life. To exist

  • Hyrum

    Hebrew - My brother is exalted; A spelling variant of Hiram and a variant of Achiram

  • Iancu

    Romanian form of John, meaning Yahweh is gracious.

  • Ilei

    My God is Yahweh

  • Ilija

    Croatian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh.

  • Illya

    My God is He

  • Ionatan

    Romanian form of Yownathan, meaning God has given.

  • Ionut

    Ionut is Romanian form of John and means God Is gracious.

  • Iosif

    Romanian form of Joseph, meaning God shall add (another son).

  • Iosua

    Iosua is a variant form of the English Joshua Yahweh is salvation.

  • Isadoro

    Gift of the goddess Isis

  • Ishaia

    God is salvation.

  • Iskandar

    Iskandar is a Lebanese version of Alexander and means defender of mankind

  • Iskhaq

    A form of Isaac. It means he laughs.

  • Itamar

    Island of Palms

  • Ithamar

    Palm island

  • Ivan

    God is gracious.

  • Ivica

    Graced by Yahweh

  • Izik

    A form of Isaac, meaning he laughs, laughter.

  • Jaakko

    Finnish form of Jacob; Supplanter; Representative

  • Jaap

    One who is a supplanter

  • Jabal

    The one who glides away

  • Jabez

    One who is sorrow and is in trouble

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