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Gothic Girl Names

  • Althaia

    A medicinal herb

  • Alvara

    An army of warrior elves who protect the universe like a guardian

  • Alvera

    Dearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name Elvira

  • Alvira

    Dearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name Elvira

  • Anda

    Spanish - Going; Gothic - Peace through bravery; Bold Protector; Bold Journey; A variant of Alexandra

  • Artemia

    The moon goddess

  • Bernia

    The angel in armor.

  • Caera

    Caera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.

  • Ceiridwen

    A fair woman

  • Celosia

    The burning flame.

  • Desdemona

    Misery or unlucky. Name of Shakespeare's heroine.

  • Druilla

    Elfin vision

  • Eirisse

    A variant of Iris, meaning rainbow

  • Ellamae

    A combination name; one who is true to all

  • Emeraude

    French word for emerald.

  • Emmeranne


  • Ennata


  • Eranthe

    Spring flower

  • Esmerée

    Name of Welsh king's daughter who was turned into a serpent by magicians.

  • Ethelinda

    Noble serpent

  • Eventide

    The time of evening, evening

  • Feronia

    Goddess of the forests.

  • Fleurdelice

    Lily flower

  • Galsuenda

    Strong singing

  • Galswinthe

    Strong singing

  • Gehenna

    New Testament version of hell

  • Hecate

    Name of a Greek sorceress. It means far off.

  • Hellebore

    Name of a flower that blooms in the middle of winter.

  • Hesperia

    The evening star

  • Ianira


  • Iolana

    Soaring like a hawk.

  • Ione

    Violet flower

  • Isolabella

    The beautiful lonely one.

  • Izora


  • Jevera


  • Joliette


  • Kolfinna

    A white lady

  • Lechsinska

    Woodland spirit

  • Magena

    The coming moon.

  • Maleficent

    She who is productive of harm or evil.

  • Musette

    Child of the muses.

  • Myvanwy

    The rare one

  • Nightshade

    A poisonous purple flower

  • Ordelia

    Elf's spear

  • Qadira


  • Quintella

    Female derivative of Quintus, meaning fifth.

  • Raelinn

    A variant of Rachel, meaning beautiful lamb.

  • Rhodanthe


  • Sanctity


  • Sapphira

    Sapphire gemstone

  • Sardonyx

    The gemstone onyx, a red version.

  • Seiran


  • Semyazza

    The name of a fallen Christian angel.

  • Seraphine

    Burning fire, flame

  • Shabriri

    Jewish demon of blindness.

  • Tempesta

    Female form of Tempest, meaning storm.

  • Tierney

    Descendant of Tighearnach.

  • Tizane

    A gypsy

  • Tourmaline

    Colored crystals

  • Trista


  • Turaya


  • Ulva

    She wolf

  • Urania

    Heaven or heavenly

  • Ursulette

    Female bear cub

  • Vanity

    Inflated in pride

  • Vasilisa


  • Velika

    The falling one

  • Venette

    Woman of Venice

  • Vespera

    The evening star. A variant of Vesper.

  • Wanette

    The pale one

  • Wren

    A bird

  • Xanthe

    The shade gold.

  • Xaverie

    Female version of Xavier, meaning the new house.

  • Xena

    Welcoming and hospitable

  • Xylia

    From the woods

  • Yolanthe


  • Ysabelle

    Consecrated to God

  • Zakira


  • Zella


  • Zephirah


  • Zetta


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