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Germanic Girl Names

  • Aide

    Honourable, Nobel, helpful

  • Ailish

    variant of Alice

  • Ainhoa

    Refers to the Virgin Mary.

  • Ainslee

    Variant of AINSLEY

  • Bercta

    An illustrious woman who shines brightly

  • Billa

    French - Beautiful; Germanic - Will; Desire; A variant of name Billie

  • Gen

    The lady of the congregation.

  • Geneva

    Juniper shrub, small tree with berry cones.

  • Geneve

    Woman who is engaging in running.

  • Genovefa

    The one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.

  • Ginette

    The name Ginette means The Race of Woman.

  • Gisela

    The German meaning of the name is Pladge, Turkish meaning is Beautiful.

  • Gisele

    Gisele means Pladge or Hostage.

  • Gisella

    The name means Pladge.

  • Gisselle

    Gisselle originates from old German and means Pledge.

  • Guthild

    Guthild is a name of English and Germanic origins. It is a female name and comes from the old Germanic word and means Woman Warrior.

  • Harlon

    From the army land

  • Heda

    Battle; female warrior

  • Hedya

    The voice or echo of god

  • Henrika

    home ruler

  • Hermance


  • Hermine

    German feminine form of HERMAN

  • Hertha

    Of the earth, A germanic Goddess

  • Hrotsvitha

    One who has might, power and famous.

  • Huboor


  • Joceleyn

    Joceleyn means member of the Gauts Tribe

  • Jocelyn

    Jocelyn name means Someone who is a member of a Gauts Tribe

  • Jocelyne

    The name means A Person who belongs to a Gauts Tribe

  • Jocelynn

    Jocelyn means Member of a Germanic Tribe, Gauts Tribe

  • Joclyn

    The name Joclyn means Replacement, Supplanter

  • Josalina

    Josalina name means a woman who is a Member of a Gauts tribe

  • Josalind

    The meaning of the name is One from the Gauts Tribe

  • Josalyn

    The name means Member of the Tribe of Gauts

  • Josalynn

    Josalynn means member of a Tribe

  • Joscelin

    Jocelin name comes from a Gauts tribe, means the Member

  • Josceline

    The meaning of the name is she who belongs to Gauts tribe

  • Joscelyn

    Jocelyn is a name that refers to the Member of Gauts tribe

  • Joscelyne

    Means Member of the Gauts tribe, English version means Playful

  • Joslin

    Josilin means a member of the Gauts tribe

  • Josline

    The name means One who is a member of the Gauts tribe

  • Joslyn

    Meaning of the name is One who belongs to the Gauts tribe

  • Josseline

    The name refers to someone who is a member of the Gauts tribe

  • Josselyn

    Josselyn means a member of the Gauts tribe

  • Josslyn

    The name means a member of the Gauts tribe

  • Kalissa

    Kalissa neam means Noble One

  • Karla

    Karla means Womanly Strenght

  • Karlee

    The name Karlee means Strenght of a Woman

  • Karleigh

    Karleigh means Woman with Great Strenght

  • Karlene

    The name means Strong Woman

  • Karley

    The name Karley means Woman Strenght

  • Karli

    Karli means Little and Womanly

  • Karliah

    Karliah means Covered in Snow

  • Karlie

    Karlie means Free Woman

  • Karlyn

    Karlyn means Strong Woman

  • Karlyssa

    Karlyssa means Strong

  • Katchen

    Katchen means Clean, Pure

  • Katrice

    Katrice is a German name and means Pure

  • Katrinka

    the name means Pure, Plain,Clear

  • Krise

    Krise means The One With Curly Hair

  • Lamberta

    Female version of Lambert, meaning Bright Land

  • Lanah

    Alternate form of Alana, precious; awakening

  • Larelie

    The one who destroys, a big destrucion

  • Larinda

    A weak and gentle person, who is kind by nature

  • Lavonda

    Various sieces of jew trees and shrubs

  • Lavonne

    Jew trees and shrubs

  • Leece

    Noble one, of noble origin

  • Lenda

    Woman who is soft, gentle

  • Leoda

    The one who belongs to the people

  • Leonarda

    Woman brave like a lion

  • Leonila

    A woman who is as brave as a Lion

  • Leopolda

    A woman who is brave nad bold

  • Leopoldine

    The bravery of the people

  • Lesa

    A place of eternal peace

  • Lesha

    One of a noble kind, a difnified person

  • Lesia

    A person who is of noble kind, a distingueished one

  • Leued

    From a Bohemian surname, means like a lion

  • Licha

    A honorable person who is noble

  • Lichah

    Dignified and honorable persona

  • Lidewei

    People who are considered holy and sacred

  • Lidi

    A person of honorable character, one who is noble

  • Liduvina

    A person who is a friend of the villafe

  • Lidwina

    One who is a friend of all people

  • Lioba

    Germanic word describing beloved, loved one

  • Liselotte

    She who is pledged to God

  • Lisett

    She who is pledged to God

  • Livina

    A Friend who is deeply loved and admired

  • Loise

    Famous for her battles

  • Loleta

    Germanic name for free woman

  • Loletta

    Variation of name Charlotte; free woman, maiden

  • Loti

    Free woman

  • Louanna

    Gracious warrior, brave woman

  • Louisane

    Origin of the name is German, meaning famous warrior

  • Louise

    Name describing renowed fighter

  • Lowena

    A loud and famous warrior

  • Lu

    A light that shines upon a famous warrior

  • Luane

    A graceful woman in the battle

  • Ludovika

    Old German name refering to great warrior

  • Luetta

    Fame of a fighter

  • Lulita

    She acheaved Fame in the War

  • Lura

    A Germanic Siren who lives in the river Rhone

  • Marhaus

    One who is from a famous estate

  • Matel

    She is mighty and powerful in battle

  • Norberta

    The superwoman from the northern part of the land.

  • Olimpias

    The one who shines at the battle field.

  • Raene

    One who advices

  • Renilde

    A bearer of the wise strenght

  • Ricca

    One who is peaceful Queen

  • Rike

    One who is a ruler by heritage and power

  • Robeena

    A glowing and famous woman

  • Robinetta

    She who burns with fame

  • Robinette

    She is glowing from power

  • Rozalynn

    A very gentle horse

  • Shannia


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