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French Girl Names

  • Aaida

    aaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightness

  • Aamber

    a Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color

  • Abelia

    Meaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her

  • Abella

    Variant of Abelia that means breath that is source of life

  • Abrielle

    A woman of God, or a woman from God

  • Acadia

    The land that have plenty, the land of plenty

  • Acelin

    A noble girl or a girl who born in high status home

  • Acelynn

    A girl who is born in noble home

  • Adalaide

    The nobility or the sort of noble person

  • Adaleide

    A person's nobility, noble person

  • Adalene

    An aristocrat or noble person

  • Adalicia

    One who is of noble nature, nobility

  • Adaline

    A noble or kind-hearted person

  • Adela

    A short form of adelaide

  • Adelaida

    Noble kind, adorned

  • Adelaide

    A noble hood, or a noble person

  • Adelina

    A form of Adeline

  • Adelle

    A form of Adelaide, Adeline

  • Adreanna

    The favour or gracefulness of sea

  • Adyelya

    Bulgarian form of Alice, meaning of the nobility.

  • Aelicia

    An oath of God

  • Aemela

    An admiring person, workaholic

  • Aemele

    A hard-working and persistent person

  • Aeris

    An earth full of flowers

  • Agace

    A very sweet feminine name for a baby girl which means good in French.

  • Aime


  • Aimee

    Dearly loved; Beloved

  • Aimie


  • Alianora

    Pity; Variant of Eleonora; From the Old French form of the Occitan name Alienor

  • Allese

    Smart and no-nonsense, Elise is a Female who gets the job done. She will, of course, play Beethoven's Elise at her first piano recital.

  • Allison

    Of Noble Birth

  • Allix

    Defender of Mankind; Female Version of Alexander

  • Alodie


  • Alouette

    Derived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individuals

  • Aloysia

    Name of an Italian saint; a strong willed person renowned in battlefield

  • Alycia

    A affectionate noble individual full of nobility and responsible nature

  • Alydia

    A little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in nature

  • Alyssa

    Mother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanity

  • Amelia

    The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

  • Amie

    Derived from Amye which means beautiful and lovable

  • Amy

    Derived from Amee; they are beloved and nurturing one

  • Ancelin

    French - Handmaiden; A variant name is Ancelina

  • Annebell

    Easy to Love; A combination of Anna and Bella; A variant of Amabel

  • Annebelle

    Easy to Love; A combination of Anna and Bella; A variant of Amabel

  • Annelyse

    The one who is devoted to God and are graceful beings

  • Annette

    The graceful beings which is a variant of Hannah

  • Ascelina

    Noble; one who is a little individual

  • Aubree

    An elf ruler

  • Aubri

    A girl who is ruler of elves

  • Audette

    Sothern frenchname for a bird

  • Audree

    A divine stregth

  • Aunna

    They are gracious and wonderful human beings

  • Aurore

    Golden; they are Godess of dawn; lively

  • Aurorette

    A variation of the name Aurora; dawn

  • Avari

    Old French - Inspired Advice; Old Peace; Of The Heavens,From The Sky; A variant of name Avery

  • Avelaine

    A friend of the environment; nut

  • Avelina

    Germanic - Little Bird; Strength; Desired; A variant of name Ava

  • Aveline

    One who has waited for a child; hazelnut

  • Averyl

    Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

  • Avice

    The one who is refuge in a battle; beloved

  • Avriel

    To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

  • Avrill

    To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

  • Avryl

    To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

  • Avyce

    One who is refuge in a war; warlike

  • Aylee

    A hazelnut tree; a bird

  • Baileigh

    An administrator manager; a Goddess

  • Bailiegh

    An officer of justice and administration

  • Barbetta

    A variation of the name Babette

  • Barbie

    Derived From Barbara

  • Basilie

    Female Version of Basil; Royal; Kingly; Regal; Derived from the Same Greek Word as the Plant Name Basil

  • Bayleigh

    berry wood

  • Bayliegh

    An officer of justice

  • Baylye

    A law enforcer

  • B�irbre

    One who is from a foreigh country

  • B�n�dicte

    A woman who is blessed with many blessings

  • Beatrice

    Bringer Of Joy

  • Beatrise

    Traveler; Blessed

  • Beawa

    She who has beauty

  • Bebe


  • Beccalynn

    An intellectual, blessed individual

  • Begonia

    A flowering plant, named after Michel Bgon, French governor and a patron of botany

  • Belen

    Bethlehem; An Arrow

  • Belevia

    A beautiful lady

  • Belina

    St Belina from the 12th century was a French peasant; one who protects

  • Bell

    Beautiful, Fine looking, gorgeous

  • Belle


  • Belora

    To be beautiful now

  • Benicia

    Blessed One

  • Benoite


  • Bente

    Blessed; Form of Benedict

  • Bern


  • Bernadette

    Brave As A Bear

  • Berne

    Bold As A Bear

  • Bernie

    Derived From Bernard

  • Berta

    Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious

  • Berthe


  • Bertilda

    Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior

  • Bertille


  • Bertrade

    Bright Counselor

  • Bessy

    God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God's Promise

  • Bessye

    House; God's Promise; God is My Oath

  • Bethea

    Maid-servant of Jehovah

  • Betrice

    A woman who brings happiness wherever she goes

  • Bettye

    God's Oath; Form of Elizabeth

  • Bev


  • Beyonce

    Beyond Others

  • Biana

    Fair Skinned

  • Biata


  • Bibel

    Short from Elisabeth, meaning one who made a promise to God

  • Bibele

    She gave her promise to the God

  • Bibiane

    Lively, energetic, Active

  • Biccel

    A version of Rebecca, means snare

  • Bienna


  • Bijoux


  • Billa

    French - Beautiful; Germanic - Will; Desire; A variant of name Billie

  • Billye

    Resolute Protector

  • Bindi

    Small Round to Wear on Forehead

  • Binnur

    A Thousand Lights

  • Birdena

    Bird like

  • Birdie

    Little Bird; Unusual Nature; Bright

  • Birdine

    Little Bird

  • Birgita

    To Help; The Exalted One

  • Blaise


  • Blanc

    A white woman

  • Blanch

    Fair; White; Pale

  • Blanche


  • Blathnaid

    Flower; Blossom

  • Blissany

    Full of Grace and Joy

  • Blisse

    Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness

  • Blondelle


  • Blue

    The Color

  • Bly

    To Be A Tall Child

  • Bobby

    Short For Robert

  • Bobbye

    Bright Fame

  • Bobette

    A little one who is bright and famous

  • Bobinette

    A little woman who is a very bright flame

  • Boheme

    A person of bohemian nature

  • Br�inne

    An ascending woman

  • Brendana

    A prince; the heir of the king

  • Bridgette

    She is on her way upwards

  • Brie

    A place name where they produce cheese in France

  • Brieana

    A woman from the French chese producing region

  • Brieanna

    A place name. A woman from Brie

  • Briela

    Short from Gabriela, means God is my strenght

  • Briella

    From Gabriella. Means God is my strenght

  • Brielle

    Short from Gabrielle, meaning my strenght is God

  • Brierley

    An ashy woman

  • Brierly

    A woman of ashes

  • Brille

    My strenght is my God

  • Brucey

    One who comes from the brushwood thicket

  • Burdette

    A girl who is like a little bird

  • Burnice

    A woman who brings victory

  • Byanca

    A white, shinning woman

  • Cachet

    A desirable and prestigious woman

  • Caila

    A lady from the forest

  • Calandre

    A french name meaning Lark

  • Calantha

    One who is like a beautiful flower

  • Calanthe

    To have the beauty of the flower

  • Calanthia

    She is pretty like a flower

  • Caleigh

    A slender girl from the forest

  • Callalily

    One like the lily flower

  • Camile

    A free-born woman

  • Candide

    White glowing, sweet thing

  • Candie

    Bright glowing thing

  • Candrila

    She is one from the ashes

  • Cantarella

    A name of the deadly posion

  • Capucine

    A woman who wears a hood

  • Careen

    She is a free woman

  • Caress

    A very tender touch, to caress someone

  • Caressa

    She is of a gentle touch

  • Caresse

    An endearing touch

  • Carine

    A pure and beloved woman

  • Carinet

    She is a dear woman

  • Carole

    A strong female

  • Carolee

    She has a strenght of a full-grown man

  • Carolena

    She is a free person

  • Carolien

    One who is like a song of happiness

  • Carolin

    A happiness that the song brings

  • Carolinne

    A woman who is like a happy song

  • Catleu

    A girl who is chaste and pure

  • Catrinel

    She is the one who is pure and genuine

  • Cayenne

    A woman who is like a hot spice

  • C�lie

    A havenly woman

  • Cedulie

    They are filled with surprises, sensitive and affectionate

  • Celie

    It means blind; they are the sixth one

  • Celina

    Derived from Caelum; heavenly

  • Celine

    A hammer; they are heavenly

  • Cerise

    Cherry red color

  • Chambray

    The lightest fabric

  • Chanel

    Pipeline or a duct

  • Chanelle

    The pipeline; old wine

  • Chantae

    A sweet amd memorable song

  • Chantal

    A building stone

  • Chantalle

    Derived from Cantal; a small stone

  • Chantay

    A melodious song

  • Chante

    A singer

  • Chantel

    To sing well

  • Chantelle

    A large rock

  • Chantilly

    A name for lace; whipped cream

  • Chanton

    Singing together

  • Chardae

    A strong, free, majestic individual

  • Chardonnay

    Tasty Grapefruit; wine

  • Charee

    A darling

  • Charil

    A bright, lovely individual

  • Charilyn

    A dear and lively woman

  • Charlee

    Free person

  • Charlette

    Free individual

  • Charmain

    A charming name

  • Chauntel

    A singer

  • Chelle

    One who is like the God

  • Chenelle

    A channel

  • Cher

    A darling baby

  • Chere

    Dear one; a Cherry fruit

  • Cheree

    Darling like a Goddess

  • Chereena

    A confident and analytical person

  • Cherelle

    An energetic person

  • Cheri

    Cherry; a fruit

  • Cherie

    A darling person

  • Cherilynn

    A rhyming darling

  • Cherine

    Dearest one

  • Cherly

    A darling friend

  • Cherree

    Great power and wealth

  • Cherrell

    A beloved person

  • Cherrelle

    A dear and beloved one

  • Cherrill

    A green gemstone; Cherry

  • Cherry

    Name derived from a fruit

  • Cherrylyn

    A dear person

  • Chesney

    Grove of Oak

  • Chimere

    A dreamy individual

  • Chlarinda

    Bright; clear; dazzling; intense

  • Chrie

    A familiar form of Cher; addressing someone with love

  • Chrine

    Follower of Lord Jesus, the son of God

  • Christabella

    A Christ follower

  • Christabelle

    A religious follower of Jesus Christ

  • Ciel

    Sky; a part of the earth's atmosphere

  • Cielle

    Sky, a part of the atmosphere; derived from the French word Ciel

  • Cindell

    A Greek variation of the name Cindy, or Cynthia

  • Cinderella

    The female lead of a fairytale; belonging to the ashes

  • Cisse

    A name derived from the place called Cisse in Vienne

  • Citrine

    Type of quartz, a mineral found in metamorphic and igneous rocks

  • Cladine

    Branched; something that is classified into many sub-divisions

  • Claira

    Bright and clear; attractive; appealing

  • Clarette

    Clear; easy to interpret; unclouded; bright

  • Claudean

    Something that glows or shines

  • Claudelle

    Derived from a saint's name, 'Claudius', who lived in the 7th century

  • Claudie

    A female form of a 7th century saint, Claudius

  • Claudine

    One who is a descendent of Gods; hails from Gods

  • Cl�lie

    A french version of an old Roman name

  • Cl�mence

    A kindhearted an gentle woman

  • Clely

    A french version of Clelia; a Roman herione

  • Clemance

    Mercy; showing forgiveness; pity; grace

  • Clemence

    Merciful; lenient; gentle; soft-hearted

  • Clementine

    Mild; merciful; forgiving; tender

  • Cleremunda

    A clear and birght protector of men

  • Clodia

    One who cannot walk; lame or crippled

  • Clothilde

    Derived from the name of a saint, who converted her husband king to Christianityity

  • Clotille

    One who is well known and famous for her battle and war skills

  • Coelee

    A valley or a draining zone

  • Colette

    One who is victorious and an achiever in all fields

  • Coligny

    One who hails from Cologne, the fourth largest city of Germany

  • Coline

    Derived from the name Nicholas, meaning the triumph of the people

  • Colletta

    One who is victorious, winner and achiever

  • Colombe

    Dove, a small stout bird that resembles pigeon

  • Comfort

    Strength; powerful and tough; having high durability and solidity

  • Coralie

    A jewel that is made from coral plants, obtained from oceans

  • Corentine

    A violent storm, hurricane or tornado

  • Coretta

    An unmarried, young woman; a maiden

  • Corinne

    An attractive, young, unmarried woman

  • Cortnie

    One who works and lives at court

  • Cosette

    Something that is small, tiny and little

  • Crescence

    Growing; Increasing; Developing; French form of Crescentia

  • Crescencia

    To grow in French

  • Cressence

    One who is increasing and evergrowing

  • Crete

    Variant transcription of the name Crecia or the French form Creste meaning peak of a hill and hence people who resided nearby were termed as Crete

  • Cyndee

    A bright child

  • Daeja

    Already; strong person

  • Daija

    Already in making

  • Daijah

    The one in progress; remember

  • Daja


  • Damhnait

    One who cannot be tamed

  • Danique

    God Judges

  • Darcelle

    Dark; determined

  • Darcey

    Girl from Archy

  • Darcia

    The dark one

  • Darcie

    Dark one

  • Darcus

    Strong , dark one

  • Darcy

    Dark haired

  • Dariela

    The near and dear one

  • Dariell

    Open one

  • Darla

    Very dear one

  • Darleane

    Lovely person

  • Darleen

    One who has charming personality

  • Darleena

    One who is brilliant

  • Darlena

    Lovely individual

  • Darlene

    A child loved by all

  • Darletta

    A beloved child

  • Darlina

    A sweet, innocent child

  • Darline

    Darling baby

  • Darrelle

    A darling person

  • D�ire

    One who is noted for swiftness and beauty

  • D�ith�

    One who has power of beauty

  • D�nes

    A swift and beautiful being

  • Deanne

    They are swift and beautiful

  • Delacroix

    Who lives near the cross

  • Delana

    One from humid place

  • Delphine

    Place where oracle of Apollo appeared

  • Denese

    A follower of God; an amazing being

  • Deni

    One who born of two places; energetic

  • Denise

    A devoted person; God of fertility

  • Denisha

    A stable and fun loving person

  • Denisse

    One who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being

  • Denize

    A devoted being; who can make significant change

  • Dennise

    A follower; graceful being

  • Denyce

    A wise and majestic follower

  • Diahann

    Diana; a divine woman

  • Diamanta

    One who shines and is strong as Diamond

  • Diandra

    Goddess of hunting and childbirth

  • Diane

    One who is depicted as a huntress; divine

  • Diann

    A burning candle; Lord of wine

  • Dianna

    Goddess of swiftness and beauty

  • Didina

    One who is desire and loved by all

  • Dionysus

    One who is golden in color

  • Dixie

    The French word for ten; southern state

  • Doraine

    A person who is loved by all

  • Dore

    Habitational name meaning a blonde

  • Dorene

    Stady worker; blonde person

  • Doriane

    A young, bright and worthy individual

  • Dorine

    A determined individual who shows compassion towards all

  • Dory

    A beautiful, blonde and gracious lady

  • Dotty

    A person who has a gentle and sweet personality

  • Drienne

    One who is from Hadria; intellectual

  • Dyana

    They are the one who are divine and majestic

  • Dyann

    Roman divinity; divine being

  • Dyanna

    Divine beauty known for swiftness

  • Edelie

    Having high priciples and qualities

  • Edonia

    Of high standards; Wealthy ruler

  • Eglantine

    Wild rose;Botanical name

  • Eglentina

    Wild rose; Botanical name of flower

  • Eilleen

    Bright and shining light

  • Eivet

    A large creek or a river

  • Ekisa

    One who is consecrated to God

  • Elayna

    One who is the shining bright light

  • Elayne

    The ray of light entering heart

  • Eleanora

    Light which is shining and bright

  • Eleonore

    A shining bright ray of light

  • Elicia

    One who speak and narrate ideas very well

  • Elilen

    A hazelnut; they are compassionate

  • Elinor

    One who is filled with sense and sensibility

  • Elisabelle

    One who takes God as Oath; helpful

  • Elisia

    A friendly, loving and stable person

  • Ella

    One who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys life

  • Ellinor

    One who is filled with bright daylight

  • Ellois

    One who is famous in war

  • Elloise

    One who is famous in a war

  • Elodie

    One who is filled with riches and fortune

  • Eloisa

    Another form of Louise; healthy and wide individual

  • Eloise

    A healthy and wide individual

  • Elvire

    this name means someone who is white or fair.

  • Elyn

    this name means foreign or sun rays.

  • Elyse

    this name means someone who is pledged to god.

  • Em?ke

    this name means someone who is hardworking.

  • Emanuela

    the literal meaning of this name is god be with us.

  • Emele

    it means someone who is industrious or can be admired.

  • Emeraude

    French word for emerald.

  • Emilly

    dilligent and hard working.

  • Emily

    a name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.

  • Emmaleah

    a powerful and strengthful person.

  • Emmaline

    hardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or complete.

  • Emmanuelle

    French feminine word for the Messiah ultimately meaning god is with us.

  • Emmlyn

    someone who works really hard.

  • Emmy

    a laborious, hard working and industrious person.

  • Engeleisia

    kind like an angel.

  • Enjoli

    extremely pretty

  • Enora

    this name means honour.

  • Ermine

    weasel or Armenian mouse.

  • Ermyne

    a French word meaning weasel or an Armenian mouse.

  • Esmee

    a feminized word meaning esteem.

  • Esmerie

    a French word meaning emerald.

  • Esmira

    a French word meaning loved.

  • Essie

    a Latin word meaning star.

  • Estee

    a French word meaning star.

  • Estel

    a French word meaning stars in the sky which are bright.

  • Estell

    it is a French word which means bright sparkling stars.

  • Etiennette

    French feminized form of the word Stephen meaning crown.

  • Etoile

    a French feminized word meaning star.

  • Etty

    a Persian name meaning star.

  • Eulalie

    a French word meaning sweet spoken.

  • Euphrasie

    French word meaning good cheer.

  • Evaleen

    a form of life.

  • Evangelica

    gospel or good news or tidings.

  • Eveleen

    life or living or lively or hazelnut.

  • Evette

    A little living one

  • Evian

    A French word for a Spa

  • Ezme

    She who is loved

  • Fabianne

    A weoman who grows beans

  • Fabienne

    A lady of the bean farm

  • Fanchon

    One with freedom

  • Fancy

    A free woman

  • Fannia

    Diminutive of frances

  • Fantina

    One who acts like a child

  • Fauna

    A fawn, a young deer

  • Faunia

    A fawn-like woman

  • Fauve

    One wild like a wild lands

  • Fayette

    A pettite, little fairy woman

  • Femma

    She is the peace

  • Ferdinanda

    A woman on a brave journey

  • Fernande

    An adventurous traveler

  • Fifi

    One who will add. Fifi is short for Josephine

  • Filicia

    Good fortune and happiness

  • Firoza

    Turquoise, a semi-precious stone

  • Firoze

    An undefeatable person; Also means thegem Turquoise

  • Fitzadam

    Literally means 'the son of Adam'

  • Fizan

    A flurry of wind or breeze; Can also mean eminence and popularity

  • Flann

    Represents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of red

  • Flerida

    A cheerful and high-spirited woman

  • Floretta

    Made of 'Flora'; it represents a flower

  • Flori

    It means 'to flower or to blossom'

  • Floriana

    A variation of 'Florence' which symbolizes 'blossoming'

  • Floriane

    The stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word 'Florence'

  • Floriano

    Italian variation of the name 'Florian' meaning 'to flower or blossom'

  • Florida

    Essentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering Easter

  • Florine

    A variation of Latin name 'Flora', this also symbolises 'blossoms'

  • Flur

    Essentially, it means a flower or a bloom

  • Fountain

    Literally translates to a fountain or spring; derived from French word 'Fontane' or Latin 'Fontana'

  • Francoise

    Feminine word for 'Francois', it refers to a woman who has French roots

  • Gabbie

    A nice girl of God

  • Gabie

    A woman of God

  • Gabrijela

    A variant of Gabrielle, meaning Woman of God.

  • Gaby

    From the name gabrielle

  • Gaelle

    Another name for Celtic people.

  • Gai

    Refers to merry or easy going.

  • Garance

    Angrier or irater.

  • Garcelle

    Resembles a small spear or tiny spear.

  • Garlan

    Garland of flowers

  • Garlen

    Refers to bunch of flowers.

  • Geana

    God is most merciful and kindful.

  • Gencelina

    A queen from the heaven

  • Genette

    The God is kindful.

  • Genevie

    Woman of the society or community.

  • Genevive

    The population of female sex.

  • Genevra

    The person who is fair minded and charming.

  • Genievre

    Infammation of the snowy waves.

  • Genn

    The one who is spiritually open minded.

  • Genny

    The one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair.

  • Gennye

    The virgin girl, pure

  • Georete

    A farmer who tills the soil

  • Germain

    A male person who is a fellow member.

  • Germaine

    Refers to a young branch new growth.

  • Germana

    A person who comes from the country Germany.

  • Gersende

    The path or the right way

  • Gilberta

    Gilberta is a female name that means Hostage. It is of French, Germanic and English origin.

  • Gilberte

    Gilberte is a feminine version of the name Gilbert. It is of French origin and means Bright Pledge.

  • Gisele

    Gisele means Pladge or Hostage.

  • Giverny

    Giverny is a French name after the French Town Named Giverny

  • Gladyce

    The name Gladyce means Sword.

  • Gladys

    Gladys comes from a Latin word and means Sword

  • Grainne

    They have the ability to make the life stable, to handle people and to get the solutions of difficulties of life.

  • Graland

    The one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Grece

    It comes from the french word 'gris' which means grey, and was commonly used in medieval France and England. It has many variations; the most common are Grace or Gracey.

  • Guiliaine

    This name means a pleasant. The person with this name will devote his life for a pleasant thing.

  • Guinivere

    Guinivere means fair, white. A girl with great beauty and white color.

  • Hejsa

    A Danish surname

  • Helain

    Shining light, glowing, bright

  • Helenor

    Illumination, light

  • Helo


  • Heloise

    famous warrior

  • Helysoune

    an Old French form of the Germanic name Alahsind

  • Hennie

    Keeper of the hearth,

  • Heromin

    Keeper of the fireplace

  • Hughette

    bright in mind and spirit

  • Iosefina

    Iosefina is the Bulgarian form of Josephine and means May Jehovah add.

  • Ivet

    Bulgarian form of Yvette, meaning archer.

  • Jacalyn

    She who is a supplanter

  • Jacelyn

    One who will be protected by God

  • Jacelynn

    Yahweh may portect her

  • Jacintha

    She who smells like a hyacinth flower

  • Jacinthe

    A woman who smells lowely, like a hyacinth flower

  • Jackelyn

    She who believes God is her protector

  • Jackquelin

    May God protect her

  • Jaclin

    God may guard her

  • Jacqueleen

    She may be guarded by God

  • Jacquelin

    God is protecting her

  • Jacqueline

    God covers and protects

  • Jacquelyne

    God takes care and protects

  • Jacquelynn

    She who is cared and protected by God

  • Jacquetta

    A little one who God may protect

  • Jacquette

    A little girl who might be under gods protection

  • Jacqui

    A girl who is a supplanter

  • Jacquie

    A woman who supplants

  • Jacquilyn

    She who takes the place of another

  • Jacquline

    A girl who takes other's place

  • Jacqulyn

    A young woman who takes the place of another

  • Jaklena

    To seaize by the heel

  • Jaklyn

    She seazed Him by the hee;

  • Janae

    God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

  • Jane

    God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

  • Janet

    God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

  • Jannine

    God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

  • Jaquita

    A supplanter

  • Jaslyn

    A plant name, Jasmin

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