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Estonian Boy Names

  • Aabraham

    Estonian spelling for Abraham. It means father of many.

  • Adrus

    A form of Andrew; a diligent and sociable individual

  • Andrus

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew

  • Arri

    Powerful ruler

  • Eduk

    He who is successful

  • Endrik

    Estonian form of Hendrik. It means ruler of the home.

  • Gaabriel

    A form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.

  • Hillar

    Pleased, blissfull

  • Jaagup

    Estonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

  • Jaak

    One who holds the heel

  • Jaan

    God is Gracious

  • Jevgeni

    Estonian form of Eugene. It means well born or noble.

  • Joosep

    Estonian form of Joseph. It means he will add.

  • Juhan

    Estonian form of John. It means God is gracious.

  • Juhkam

    Established by God.

  • Jukka

    Jukka is Estonian form of Richard and means strong ruler.

  • Juku

    Juku is a form of Richard. It means strong ruler.

  • Juulius


  • Kaapo

    Estonian form of Gabriel, meaning man of God

  • Kaarel

    Estonian form of Charles. It means man.

  • Kaarli

    Estonian form of Charlie. It means man.

  • Kainus

    Kainus name means Sober

  • Kalev

    A variant of Kaleva, meaning the land of Kalevi.

  • Kaleva

    Name of a hero in Estonian mythology. It means the land of Kalevi.

  • Kalju

    Rock or boulder

  • Keert

    Estonian form of Gerald, meaning bold ruler.

  • Koit

    Day break; Estonian word meaning Dawn

  • Leenart

    Lion or brave as a lion.

  • Leks

    Short form of Leksik. It means defender of men.

  • Leksik

    Estonian form of Alexander. It means defender of men

  • Lekso

    Lekso is a nickname for Leksik. It means defender of men.

  • Luigas

    From Lucania

  • Luugus

    A form of Luigas, meaning from Lucania

  • Margus

    A variant of Margus, meaning from Mars.

  • Markko

    From Mars

  • Marthin

    Of Mars

  • Martiinus

    Of Mars

  • Mathei

    Gift from God. It's a form of Matthew.

  • Mihkel

    Estonian form of Michael, meaning who is like God?

  • Mikk

    Who is Godlike? Estonian form of Michael

  • Mikkli

    Who is like God? Estonian form of Michael

  • Nigul

    Estonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.

  • Nikolais

    Estonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.

  • Nikoli

    Nikoli is Estonian form of Nicholas and means victory of the people.

  • Nikula

    Nikula is a variant of Nikulas and means victory of the people.

  • Nikulas

    Nikulas is Estonian form of Nicholas and means victory of the people.

  • Olev

    Estonian form of Olaf. It means ancestor's descendant.

  • Päll

    Little or humble.

  • Peet

    Rock or stone

  • Peeter

    Peeter is a form of Peter and means rock or stone.

  • Prants

    Estonian form of Frank, meaning a Frenchman

  • Predrik

    A form of Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.

  • Priidik

    Estonian form of Frederick. It means peaceful ruler.

  • Priit

    Short form of Priidik. It means peaceful ruler.

  • Rikkart

    Brave ruler

  • Rikkey

    Riky is Estonian form of Rick and means powerful, strong ruler.

  • Riks

    Riks is a short form of Riky and means powerful and strong ruler.

  • Riky

    Riky is Estonian form of Rick. It means powerful, strong ruler.

  • Rolli

    He who is famous throughout the land.

  • Ruubert

    A form of Robert, meaning bright or fame.

  • Saamel

    God has heard

  • Seppo

    Estonian form of Sebastian, meaning venerable.

  • Siimo


  • Taavet

    Estonian form of David. It means beloved.

  • Taevas


  • Taniel

    A form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.

  • Tannil

    A form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.

  • Tõnis

    Estonian form of Anthony. It means highly praiseworthy

  • Tiitus

    Estonian form of Titus. It means title of honor.

  • Timmu

    A form of Timothy, meaning honoring God.

  • Timus

    Honoring God

  • Toivo

    the faith or trust or promise

  • Toomas

    A child of the twin

  • Toomis

    Toomis is Estonian form of Thomas and means twin.

  • Tuudur

    Gift of God

  • Valter

    Estonian form of Walter. It means ruler of the army.

  • Vicenc

    To win

  • Villem

    Estonian form of William. It means helmet or protection.

  • Vitsent

    To conquer

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