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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Dwa

Baby Names Starting With Dwa

  • The following names are associated with Pisces Rashi
  • Dwaipayan Boy

    The sage Vyasa

  • Dwaipayan; Dwaipayana Boy

    The sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island-born

  • Dwan Boy


  • Dwani Girl

    Voice, Sound

  • Dwaraka Girl

    Capital of Lord krishnas kingdom; Lord Krishna's kingdom

  • Dwarakadaas; Dwarkadas Boy

    Servant of Dwaraka

  • Dwarakadas Boy

    Servant of dwarka; servant of Dwaraka

  • Dwarakanath Boy

    Lord of dwarka; lord of Dwaraka, Krishna

  • Dwarakapathi Boy

    Lord Krishna, Master of Dwaraka

  • Dwarika Boy

    Capital of Lord krishnas kingdom

  • Dwarka Nath; Dwarkanath Boy

    Lord of the gateway; Lord of Dwaraka

  • Dwarka; Dwarakaa; Dwaraka Boy

    Gateway; Capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom

  • Dwarkapati Boy

    Lord of dwarka

  • Dwaragesh Boy

  • Dwarakan Boy

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