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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Dru

Baby Names Starting With Dru

  • The following names are associated with Pisces Rashi
  • Drucilla Girl

    Dewey Eyes

  • Drumi Girl

    A tree

  • Drupad Boy

    A king, Firm footed (Father of Draupadi); a king, father of draupadi

  • Drupada Boy

    Father of Draupadi and Dhristadhyumna; King of Panchal; father of Shikhandi; Childhood friend and then arch enemy of Drona.

  • Drupathi Girl

    Common wife of the five Pandavas in Mahabharatham

  • Druthi Girl


  • Druti Girl


  • Druv Boy

    Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steady

  • Druva Boy

    The polar star, Constant, Faithful, Firm

  • Druvam Boy

    The enduring sound, Heaven, Certainly, Eternally

  • Druvi Girl


  • Druki Boy

  • Drusty Girl

  • Druvan Boy

  • Druvil Boy

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