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Cornish Girl Names

  • Beaten

    A form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy.

  • Bennath

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning a blessing.

  • Berlewen

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning Venus.

  • Bersaba

    Cornish medieval form of Bathsheba meaning oath, or voluptuous.

  • Beryan

    Name of an Irish princess renowned for her healing abilities.

  • Bronnen

    A rush

  • Conwenna

    One who is white, fair and blessed.

  • Delen

    A tiny and delicate petal

  • Delennyk

    She who is like a petal.

  • Derowen

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning oak.

  • Derwa

    Short form of Derowen, meaning oak.

  • Doryty

    Cornish form of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.

  • Ebrel

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning April.

  • Elowen

    One who is powerful like an Elm tree

  • Endelyn

    Endelyn is origin of the name Gwendolyn. It means white or fair.

  • Ewella

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning higher, more exalted.

  • Genni

    Who is charming and plain.

  • Glanna

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning pure.

  • Isolde

    One who is beautiful and fair.

  • Jeni

    The one who is good, kind and nice.

  • Jenifry

    Refers to justice of peace.

  • Jenn

    The Arthur's queen from Arthurian mythology

  • Jenni

    White wave

  • Jowanet

    Cornish form of Joan meaning God is gracious.

  • Kelynen

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning holly.

  • Keresen

    Cornish word for cherry.

  • Lamorna

    Name of a place in Cornwall.

  • Lowdy

    A name given to children born on a Love Day.

  • Melder

    She who is sweet as honey.

  • Melyonen

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning violet.

  • Merouda

    The name is derived from elements mor, which means sea, or great and budd, which means benefit, or profit.

  • Merrin

    A pearl of the sea, pearl extracted from the sea

  • Metheven

    Cornish word for June.

  • Morgelyn

    Cornish compound name meaning sea-holly.

  • Morvoren

    Cornish compound name meaning mermaid or sea maiden.

  • Morwen

    A virgin girl, virtuous

  • Morwenna

    A Virgin lady by the sea. Name of a Virgin saint

  • Pasca

    Feminine forms of Pasco, meaning Easter.

  • Peswera

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning fourth.

  • Rosen

    Cornish word meaning rose.

  • Rosenwyn

    Cornish word meaning fair rose.

  • Sowena

    Success or achievement

  • Splanna

    Cornish word meaning brighter.

  • Steren

    Cornish word meaning star.

  • Talwyn

    One with fair brow.

  • Tege

    Pretty little thing

  • Tegen

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning pretty.

  • Tiegan

    Something pretty or of ornamental

  • Tregereth


  • Tressa

    The numeral three from Cornish word

  • Trueth

    Compassion in Cornish vocabulary.

  • Wenna

    Cornish form of Gwen, meaning white, fair, blessed.

  • Ysella

    Cornish vocabulary name meaning modest.

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