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Chinese Girl Names

  • Ai

    love, affection

  • Alix

    of dignified kind

  • Bai

    White and crystal clear; pure

  • Bernarda

    Feminine of Bernard

  • Bethsheba


  • Bi

    A Chinesee name meaning Green Jade

  • Billi


  • Bo


  • Caihong

    A rainbow in the sky

  • Chu

    Pearl;a precious jewel used worldwide

  • Cui

    A Prince; advent of night

  • Da Xia

    Biggest hero

  • Da-xia

    A long summer

  • Diu

    One who is down to Earth and is practical person

  • Genji

    Who is most valuable as Gold.

  • Gho

    A responsible and inspirational being

  • Guo

    It is the word which is written on Chinesee,The wall that surrounds a city.

  • Hee


  • Heng

    constant, steady, persistent

  • Hien

    Gentle; Nice; Quiet; Persevering

  • Holea


  • Hop

    Chinesee - Agreeable;Consistant; Also a variant form of Hope

  • Huan

    Fortunate, Happy, Pleased

  • Jia Li

    Good and Beautiful

  • Jiao

    Jiao means a loveable beautiful person. Who loves to teach.

  • Jilpa

    A person who gives life to other. A teacher of life.

  • Ju

    Chinesee - Chrysanthemum ; Daisy flower

  • Julissa

    people with this name are sweet , absolute and unique in personality. They are filled with energy and please to meet every person.

  • Lai

    Lai means Future

  • Lan

    From Chinesee orchide and mountain mist

  • Li hua

    Pear blossom

  • Li mei

    Beautiful plum flower

  • Li ming

    one who is pretty and brigth

  • Lian

    She who is graceful as a willow, a lotus flower

  • Lien

    One who posesses the bauty and pureness of a Lotus flower

  • Liena

    A woman as beautiful as a Lotus Flowe

  • Lienna

    A beauty and grace of a Lotus flower

  • Liling

    Chinesee name , combination ow white jasmine and to tinkle

  • Lin

    Chinesee name meaning beautiful jade; forest

  • Liu

    Chinesee word for flowing

  • Lixue

    Pretty and pure as a snow

  • Loi

    Chinesee word for thunder

  • Luan

    An Upspring

  • Mei

    A beautiful girl, the gracious one. Also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit 'The Plum'

  • Meilin

    The very tiny growth of the Plum trees, the tastiest fruit ever in the world.

  • Meiling

    Chinesee - Beautiful and delicate; A variant spelling is Mayling

  • Meiying

    Chinesee - Beautiful Flower

  • Mey

    Gorgeous or pretty or stunning.

  • Ming Yue

    Chinesee - Bright Moon; Radiant and Luminant Moon

  • Na

    An elegant or smooth person.

  • Niu

    A girl, a young girl, cute

  • Nuan

    The person who is very friendly with wholehearted.

  • Nuo

    Elegant, merciful and kind hearted.

  • Nuwa

    The founder and the creator of the whole universe.

  • Pangfua

    Clouds in the shape of flower; This is a female Hmong,Mong name which translates to flower cloud;

  • Qi

    A fine Jade

  • Qing

    A name for greenish blue color

  • Qinyang

    Sunshine of my heart

  • Ting

    A graceful or a slim person

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