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Bulgarian Boy Names

  • Aleksandur

    Bulgarian version of Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.

  • Anastasiy

    Bulgarian form of Anastasius, meaning to resurrect.

  • Andrey

    A born warrior who is manly and brave

  • Asen

    Name of a Bulgarian king.

  • Atanas

    A person who is immortal

  • Benesj

    Blessed soul, one who is blessed by the almighty.

  • Blagoy

    One who is sweet, pleasant, blessed.

  • Blagun

    Derived from Slavic word blag, meaning sweet, pleasant, blessed.

  • Bojidar

    Variant transcription of Bozhidar, meaning divine gift.

  • Borislaw

    A variant of Borislav, meaning famous battle.

  • Borka

    He is a good fighter

  • Boyan

    a warrior or fighter

  • Boyko

    To be afraid of or battle.

  • Bozhidar

    Bulgarian form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift.

  • Bozidar

    A divine gift. It is a derivation of the Greek name 'Theodore'

  • Chavdar

    Derived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.

  • Damyan

    Bulgarian form of Damian, one who tames.

  • Darian

    Gift sent from heaven on Earth

  • Desislav

    Finding glory or searching for glory.

  • Dimitur

    Variation of Demeter meaning, earth.

  • Doncho

    Bulgarian form of Andon, meaning priceless.

  • Gavrail

    Bulgarian form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.

  • Georgi

    Bulgarian accent of George (farmer)

  • Grozdan

    A strong man who will shine, admired and and example for others. A shiny star.

  • Haralambi

    Bulgarian form of Charalampos. It means to shine with happiness.

  • Hristofor

    Bulgarian variant of Christopher, meaning carrier of Christ.

  • Iassen

    Ash tree

  • Iavor


  • Ilarion

    Bulgarian form of Hilarion, meaning happy.

  • Iordan


  • Ivailo

    Variant transcription of Ivaylo, meaning wolf.

  • Kaloyan

    'From Greek name kalos Ioannes meaning ''handsome John.'

  • Kamen

    Kamen means Stone

  • Khristo

    Bulgarian variant of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.

  • Kosta

    Bulgarian diminutive of Konstantin, meaning constant

  • Kostadin

    Bulgarian variant of Constantine, meaning constant.

  • Krasimir

    Krasimir means The Beautiful Peace

  • Krastio

    Variant transcription of Krastyo. It means cross.

  • Lyubomir

    Bulgarian form of Lubomir, meaning loving and world.

  • Mitre

    Short form of Dimitar, meaning earth.

  • Momchil

    Derived from Bulgarian word momche, meaning boy.

  • Natanail

    Bulgarian form of Nathanael, meaning God has given.

  • Nayden

    Something found. Name of a Saint

  • Nedelcho

    Sunday in Bulgarian language.

  • Neofit

    Bulgarian form of Neophytos, meaning newly planted.

  • Nikifor

    Blugarian form of Nicephorus, meaning bringer of victory.

  • Ognian

    Variant transcription of Ognyan, meaning fiery.

  • Ognyan

    Derived from Bulgarian word ognen, meaning fiery.

  • Penko

    Bulgarian diminutive of Peter, meaning rock.

  • Prodan

    Sold or pledged to a monastery

  • Radimir

    Joyful and peace.

  • Radoslav

    Glorious work or eager glory

  • Rayko

    Bulgarian variant of Radko. It means happy or willing.

  • Rayno

    Bulgarian variant of Radko, meaning happy or willing.

  • Rumen

    A Boy whose cheeks are rudy, red

  • Sasho

    Bulgarian diminutive of Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.

  • Spas

    Derived from Bulgarian word spasen, meaning saved.

  • Stanko

    Diminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.

  • Stoian

    Stay or remain, or one who stands firmly.

  • Stoyan

    He who stands firmly

  • Tase

    Diminutive of Atanas. It means one who is immortal.

  • Teodor

    A gift of God

  • Tihomir

    Derived from the Slavic elements tih, which means quiet and mir, which peace.

  • Timotei

    A person who honours the God

  • Todor

    A beautiful an pleasant gift from God

  • Tsvetan

    Refers to color or floret.

  • Valko

    Derived from Bulgarian valk, meaning wolf.

  • Vasil

    Bulgarian form of Basil, meaning king.

  • Vassil

    Kingly or princely.

  • Velyo

    Great or greatness.

  • Veselin

    Cheerful and happy soul.

  • Vladislav

    Glorious rule or a glorious ruler.

  • Yan

    Bulgarian form of Ioanne, meaning Jehovah has been gracious.

  • Yasen

    Ash tree in Bulgarian language.

  • Yavor

    Bulgarian form of Javor, meaning maple tree.

  • Yosif

    Bulgarian form of Yousuf, meaning Allah increases in piety, power and influence.

  • Zdravko

    Derived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy.

  • Zhelyazko

    Derived from Bulgarian zhelyazo, meaning iron.

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