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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Bu

Baby Names Starting With Bu

  • The following names are associated with Taurus Rashi and Rohini Nakshatra
  • Buck Boy

    The Deer

  • Bud Boy


  • Buddha Boy

    Awakened, Lord Buddha, Enlightened, The title first used for Prince Gautam who was the founder of the buddhist religion; awakened, Lord Buddha

  • Buddhadeb Boy

    Lord Buddha

  • Buddhadev Boy

    Wise person

  • Buddhadeva Boy

    Wise; Gautama Buddha; wise, Gautama Buddha

  • Buddhamitra Boy

    Friend of Buddha

  • Buddhana Girl

    Aware, Enlightened one

  • Buddhapriya Boy

    One liked by Buddha

  • Buddhi Girl


  • Buddhida Girl

    The bestower of wisdom

  • Buddhipriya Boy

    Knowledge bestower

  • Budhadev Boy

    Lord Sri Buddha

  • Budhil Boy


  • Budhipriya Girl


  • Budhjot Boy

    Light of Wisdom

  • Budhpreet Boy

    Love of wisdom

  • Bukka Boy

    Heart, Loving, Sincere

  • Bulbul Girl

    Nightingale, Lover; Nightingale

  • Bulesh Boy


  • Bupposo Boy


  • Burgess Boy

    Citizen of a Town

  • Burnu Boy

    A tree

  • Burton Boy


  • Bushra Girl

    Good Omen

  • Buthayna; Buthaynah Girl

    Of beautiful and tender body

  • Butsugen Boy

    Buddha Eye

  • Butsuju Boy

    Buddha-Life; Buddha-Age

  • Buvana Girl


  • Bubalan Boy

  • Buddhacaksus Boy

  • Buddhanandi Boy

  • Budhasuta Boy

  • Budrata Boy

  • Buja Girl

  • Bulkesh Girl

  • Bumiga Girl

  • Bumita Girl

  • Bunty Boy

  • Bupalakrishnan Boy

  • Buta Boy

  • Buvaani Girl

  • Buvaanisha Girl

  • Buvan Boy

  • Buvanashri Girl

  • Buvanasri Girl

  • Buvaneshwri Girl

  • Buvaneswari Girl

  • Buvanraj Boy

  • Buvena Girl

  • Buvesha Girl

  • Buwana Girl

  • Buwanya Girl

  • Buwanyashangari Girl

  • Buwanyashankari Girl

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