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British Girl Names

  • Abcde

    Means first five amazing letters of alphabet

  • Abeque

    A person who loves to stay at home

  • Aberdeen

    A woman who is from city in northeast Scottish

  • Aberesh

    Derived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities

  • Ailleda


  • Ainsley

    From Ann's meadow

  • Annowre

    A British girl who is attractive and witty

  • Boudica

    it is the name of a queen of the iceni tribe of the british empire.

  • Bretta

    One who is from Britain

  • Brettany

    A British woman

  • Brettany

    A British woman

  • Brette

    A woman who is native of Britain

  • Brettin

    She who is from Britain

  • Brettlyn

    A Brittish girl

  • Britanii

    A British woman

  • Britanny

    One from the British island

  • Britany

    A girl from British lands

  • Brite

    A british person

  • Briteny

    A british girl

  • Britianey

    A girl with British origins

  • Britinee

    She is British

  • Britley

    One who is from the british lands

  • Britlynn

    Her home are the British lands

  • Britne

    She is of british origins

  • Britnea

    A woman whose origins are from British lands

  • Brittainey

    She is very British

  • Brittainie

    A person who is very British

  • Brittainny

    A British one

  • Brittanee

    One who acts British

  • Brittaney

    She is a British girl

  • Brittani

    She is a British woman

  • Brittania

    A land of British people

  • Brittanie

    She comes from the British lands

  • Brittannie

    To be British

  • Brittanny

    She is a true British woman

  • Brittiany

    A woman of British origin

  • Brittinee

    A woman of British roots

  • Brittiney

    A girl with British roots

  • Brittknee

    A british girl name

  • Brittnea

    A woman of British lands

  • Brittneigh

    A woman who is british

  • Brittni

    A girl of British heritage

  • Brittnie

    Of British heritage

  • Brittny

    She who is of British heritage

  • Brittnye

    A woman of British heritage

  • Cilla

    Ancient; antique; relic; A nickname for Priscilla White, who was an ancient British singer of 1960s

  • Crystiana

    A follower of Christ

  • Dayluue

    A youth and excitable being

  • Dazi

    One with great sense of detail

  • Eilaria

    Cheerful; merry; one who has a great love for nature

  • Ensley

    derived from a British palace in Nottinghamshire by the name of Annesley or Ann's meadow.

  • Godehyda

    A person who is god gifted in creativeness. Can do anything he wants.

  • Godelif

    Literal meaning of godelif is Dear God. It means a person who organizes and manage everything.

  • Godelina

    Godelina was the name of an ancient saint who wanted to be a nun lady. But then gets married to a man.

  • Goldberga

    The one with power and authority, who can lead and direct everyone to do. The one who will not give away.

  • Goldcorn

    The one who has hidden qualities of knowledge, research and wisdom. Owing a research and analytical mind.

  • Goldcorna

    The one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Goneril

    Goneril are the personality of deep inner satisfection and desire to live in peace.

  • Greisy

    They are very charming,energetic and nice to others.They have power to make plans and get success in them.

  • Gudytha

    They love adventure,excitement and freedom.They are warm-hearted and unusually adaptable.

  • Guenhumara

    They are very hardworking and want to live with family and friends.

  • Guenhwyvar

    They are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent.

  • Gusta

    The Staff of God, The one who will be polite and caring for the community, just like angels.

  • Gwenhoivar

    These are lively, challanging, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Hadewisa

    Roger of Mortimer's wife

  • Haida


  • Haideh

    Repentant, Regretful, Apologetic

  • Haley

    Clearing, Meadow

  • Hassanah

    Most pious , beautiful

  • Haura

    The distinctly whorish quality emanating from a female

  • Hawysia

    A flower name

  • Heahburg

    high fortress

  • Heathuburg

    expressive, fun-loving nature

  • Hebrewynn


  • Heregyth

    Battle, war

  • Hereswith

    Strength of the army

  • Hermenjart


  • Heryeth

    Girl name in British

  • Hodia

    Wonders of God

  • Hodierna

    Of Today

  • Hormat


  • Hugolina

    bright spirit

  • Hugolinae


  • Jimanekia

    girls with this name are adventurous and are straightforward. They are independent, ethical, determined towards their goal and have convincing power.

  • Jolicia

    they love adventure and ecxcitement in their life. They are clever and are capable to do almost anything in their life. They are usually artist in profession.

  • Jomaira

    people with this name are mild and gentle in their attitude. They keep on making new friends and always bring joy.

  • Juliet

    they love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others.

  • Kenzinton

    The name means place name, from British town Kensington

  • Leuiua

    British name meaning beloved gift

  • Leurun

    British name meaning the loved rune

  • Lewena

    British name meaning the friend we love

  • Margareth

    British name for a pearl

  • Marralin

    A female british name

  • Mayvien

    A British girls name

  • Rauenilde

    A British girl name

  • Rauenilde

    A British girl name

  • Rhapsody

    From a character named Rhapsody in a British fiction

  • Saearah

    British girl name

  • Sewenna

    British name for girls

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