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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Bri

Baby Names Starting With Bri

  • The following names are associated with Taurus Rashi
  • Brian Boy

    High; Noble; Strong

  • Briana Girl

    Noble; Virtuous. The feminine of Brian

  • Brice Boy

    Great Ambition

  • Brigham Boy

    Dweller by the Bridge

  • Brigid; Bridget Girl

    Power and Virtue

  • Brihadeesh Boy

    Lord Shiva, The mighty God brihath - mighty + Esh - God)

  • Brihaspathi Boy

    Teacher of devas, Jupiter, Guru planet

  • Brihat Boy

    Compact, Massive, Widespread, Great, Large, Mighty, Powerful, Bright, Clear, Name of Lord Vishnu, Loud

  • Brihatbhasha Boy

    Son of sage Agniras

  • Brihatbrahma Boy

    Son of sage Agniras

  • Brihati Girl

    Speech, Powerful, Heaven and earth

  • Brihatjyothi Boy

    Son of Agniras

  • Brihatkirti Boy

    Son of Agniras

  • Brihatman Boy

    Son of sage Agniras

  • Brihatmantra Boy

    Son of sage Agniras

  • Brij Boy

    Place of Lord Krishna, Strength, To twist, To leave; Lord Krishna

  • Brij Mohan Boy

    Lord Krishna, Vraj - vrindavan, Mohan - attractive

  • Brija Girl


  • Brijabala Girl

    Daughter of nature

  • Brijal Girl

    Also vrijal, Derived from Braj

  • Brijendra Boy

    Lord of Brij, Lord Krishna

  • Brijesh Boy

    God of the land of Brij; god of the land 'brij'

  • Brijkishor Boy

    Lord Krishna

  • Brijmohan Boy


  • Brijnandan Boy

    Lord Krishna, Of vrindavan; Lord Krishna

  • Brijraj Boy

    The one who rules the nature

  • Brinda Girl

    Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha, Popular, Accompanied by many, The holy Tulsi plant; Radha

  • Brindavani Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Brindha Girl

    Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha, Popular, Accompanied by many, The holy Tulsi plant

  • Brintha Girl

    Basil (Thulasi in Tamil ) - an aromatic and sacred plant, also refer to Brunthavanam where Lord Krishna spent his childhood

  • Brirar Boy

    Without pain

  • Brishti Girl


  • Brithhi Girl


  • Brithi Girl


  • Briti Girl


  • Brittany; Britney Girl

    From Britain

  • Brianna Girl

  • Brijender Boy

  • Brindan Boy

  • Brindashini Girl

  • Brinthan Boy

  • Brinthavie Girl

  • Brintheni Girl

  • Britheesh Boy

  • Brithiya Girl

  • Briyanthi Girl

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