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Bosnian Boy Names

  • Adelais


  • Adem

    Virtuous, fair, pure, moral.

  • Ademir

    Noble protector

  • Ajdin

    He who is bright, happy and lucky.

  • Ajnur

    Moonlight, glow of the oon.

  • Alija

    Bosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.

  • Azem

    Big or large

  • Ðulaga

    Ðulaga is coined from two words, Turkish word 'dul' , which means rose and Bosnian word 'aga', meaning leader, lord.

  • Ðulizar

    Rose garden

  • Bahrudin

    Glow of faith

  • Basic

    Head or headman

  • Basich

    Head or headman. A form of Basic.

  • Beg

    A title of respect

  • Behrem

    Mars planet

  • Berberich

    Bosnian surname meaning barber.

  • Besim

    A happy soul.

  • Borya

    Battle or war.

  • Camil

    He who is perfect or complete.

  • Cazim

    One who is calm and controls his anger.

  • Daut

    A variant of David, meaning beloved.

  • Davud

    A variant of David, meaning beloved.

  • Dedic

    Bosnian term, meaning grandfather.

  • Džafer

    Camel that gives milk or small river.

  • Džanan

    A variant of Dženan, meaning he who is loved.

  • Dželil

    One who is respected, famous, glorious.

  • Džemal

    A variant of Jamal, meaning beauty of faith.

  • Džemaludin

    A variant of Jamaluddin, meaning beauty of faith.

  • Dženan

    He who is loved

  • Dževad

    He who is noble or generous.

  • Edhem

    Dark-skinned, black

  • Ejub

    Bosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.

  • Ekrem

    He who is most noble or most respected.

  • Elvedin

    Benevolence of faith or gift.

  • Enes

    He who is sociable.

  • Enis

    One who is friendly.

  • Esad

    One who is very lucky.

  • Fahrudin

    Pride of faith

  • Feriz

    One who is lucky or fortunate.

  • Fikret


  • Ganib

    Blessed by rich loot or winnings

  • Hamdija

    The praised one.

  • Husnija

    Bosnian form of Husain, meaning handsome.

  • Imad

    Pillar, support or mainstay

  • Ismet

    Innocent, saved from sin.

  • Izet

    Greatness, glory

  • Izudin

    Power, glory of faith

  • Jusuf

    God increases (in strength, power)

  • Kauzlarich

    Screeching owl

  • Ljiljan

    Lily flower

  • Mehmed


  • Mensur


  • Mesich

    Turkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.

  • Muharem

    Sacred, forbidden, holy

  • Muris

    He who leaves inheritance

  • Nebojsa

    Without fear

  • Nijaz

    Wish, need, or want

  • Nurija


  • Nusret

    Victory or help

  • Ozanich


  • PaÅ¡aga

    Higher rank official in the Ottoman Empire

  • Preben

    First in battle

  • Reihan

    Variant of Rejhan, meaning basil plant.

  • Rejhan

    Basil plant

  • Remzija

    Allegoric, symbolic speech

  • Reuf

    Very merciful

  • Rijad

    Desert gardens

  • Sabghta

    Color given by Allah, true faith,

  • Safan

    He who is brave, bold, and courageous,

  • Safet

    Best part or pure

  • Sead

    Fortunate, happy

  • Sejad

    Fortunate, happy

  • Selver

    Lord, chief

  • Senadin

    Glow of faith, majesty of faith

  • Slava

    Person of fame

  • Stas

    Becoming famous

  • Suada


  • Sulejman

    Variant of Solomon, meaning peace.

  • Sulio

    A charming and graceful man.

  • Suljo


  • Svante

    Celebrating people

  • Svyatopolk

    Celebrating people

  • Tarik

    Day star

  • Teufik

    To be successful, or have good fortune.

  • Un-Nefer

    God of the dead.

  • Uzeir

    He who helps.

  • Vadim


  • Vahid

    Single or one

  • Vedad

    Affection or love

  • Velid


  • Volodya

    Ruler of the world

  • Vova

    Ruler of the world

  • Waaiz

    Preacher, or advisor

  • Warqah

    Name of a dignitary in the Quran.

  • Wuhaib

    A gift or present.

  • Yaromir

    Man of peace

  • Zenaida

    The life of Zeus

  • Zerin


  • Zijad

    Light of faith

  • Zulfikar

    Name of the legendary sword of Ali

  • Zunich


  • Å emsudin

    Sunshine of faith

  • Å erif

    Noble, respectable, honorable

  • Å eval

    To carry

  • Å ukrija

    He who is grateful to God.

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