List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Bhaa

Baby Names Starting With Bhaa

  • The following names are associated with Saggitarius Rashi and Mula Nakshatra
  • Bhaageerathi Girl

    Name of an Indian River

  • Bhaagya Girl

    Fate, Happiness, Goddess Lakshmi

  • Bhaakosh Boy

    Treasure of light, Another name for the Sun

  • Bhaam Boy

    Light, Brilliance

  • Bhaama Girl

    Charming, Famous, Passionate woman, Brilliance, Beautiful

  • Bhaamini Girl

    Brilliant, Beautiful, Passionate, Woman

  • Bhaanavi Girl

    Descendent of the Sun, Brilliant, Sacred

  • Bhaanish Boy

    Visionary, Having the faculty of seeing

  • Bhaanu Girl

    The Sun, Brilliant, Virtuous, Beautiful, Ruler, Eminence

  • Bhaanuj Boy

    Born of the Sun

  • Bhaanuja Girl

    River Yamuna, Born of the Sun

  • Bhaaranya Girl

    Refer to Bharatham, true Indian girl

  • Bhaarat Boy


  • Bhaarathy Boy

    Famous Tamil Poet

  • Bhaarati Girl

    Indian, Well-groomed, Descended from Bharat, Eloquent

  • Bhaarav Boy


  • Bhaarava Boy

    Pleasant, The Tulsi plant, Adaptable

  • Bhaargavi Girl

    Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Goddess Parvati, Beautiful

  • Bhaasin Boy

    The Sun, Brilliant

  • Bhaaskar Boy

    Brilliant, Illuminated, Creater, The Sun, Fire, Gold

  • Bhaaskar; Bhaskar Boy

    The sun

  • Bhaasu Boy

    The Sun

  • Bhaasur Boy

    Splendid, A hero, Bright, Shining, Crystal, Brilliant, The shining God, Holy

  • Bhaasvan Boy

    Lustrous, Full of brightness, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun God Surya

  • Bhaasvar Boy

    Resplendent, Luminious, Bright, Brillent, Shining

  • Bhaavan Boy

    Creator, Solicitous, Charming, Brilliant, Another name for Lord Krishna, Palace

  • Bhaavana Girl

    Good feelings, Emotions

  • Bhaaviki Girl

    Natural, Emotional

  • Bhaavini Girl

    Emotional, The beautiful woman eminent, Emotional, Caring, Noble, Beautiful

  • Bhaavitha Girl

    Name of Goddess Durga

  • Bhaavya Girl

    Grand, Splendid, Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess Paarvati, Beautiful, Brilliant

  • Bhaagavat Boy

  • Bhaagyalakshmi Girl

  • Bhaamdhavi Girl

  • Bhaanodaya Boy

  • Bhaanuaji Boy

  • Bhaanuchandar Boy

  • Bhaanulata Girl

  • Bhaanumuarti Boy

  • Bhaanusree; Bhanushree Girl

  • Bhaarani Girl

  • Bhaarathan Boy

  • Bhaarathi Girl

  • Bhaargav Boy

  • Bhaarghavi Girl

  • Bhaarika Girl

  • Bhaavani Girl

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