Belgian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Belgian Girl Names

  • Adelgonde

    A noble woman, warrior

  • Agathe

    A kind natured woman.

  • Angeletta

    Little angel, a girl as beautiful as a little angel.

  • Anique

    Grace or favor

  • Apollina

    A gift from Apollo.

  • Arcene

    Something silvery

  • Arlise

    God's oath

  • Avaset


  • Berangaria

    Name of a princess.

  • Berniss

    The one who brings victory.

  • Brunhilde

    Battle armor

  • Camillei

    Free born or noble.

  • Capucina


  • Carlijn

    Belgian variant of Caroline, meaning free man.

  • Celesse


  • Denyse

    Of dionysus

  • Desarae

    The one desired by everyone.

  • Desirae

    Long hoped for, desired

  • Devonna


  • Engleberta

    A bright angel

  • Farahilde

    Traveling, battle

  • Felisberta

    An intelligent and wise woman

  • Galatee


  • Genevia

    Juniper berry

  • Genivee

    Of the race of women.

  • Gerdie

    Protected, she who is protected by God.

  • Gudruna

    One with a divine knowledge.

  • Hadu

    A vigorous battle maiden.

  • Halfrida

    A peaceful heroine

  • Hedvige

    Fighter or refuge in battle. It is a variation of Hedwig.

  • Henriella

    Ruler of the house, a woman who rules the house.

  • Hildimar

    One who is glorious, glorious

  • Holle

    Beloved, beloved of everyone.

  • Hulde

    Beloved, dear to everyone.

  • Ida

    A woman who is hardworking

  • Idna

    Active, one who is active and agile.

  • Idonia

    Industrious and fruitful.

  • Iolanthe


  • Irmigard

    The goddess of war.

  • Isolda

    The ruler of ice

  • Jacquelynne

    Supplanter. A variation of Jacqueline.

  • Madelca

    A female name of Belgian origin

  • Pascaline

    A girl born during Easter

  • Perahta


  • Romhilda

    A glorious battle maid.

  • Rosamonde

    A variation of the name Rose. It means rose.

  • Rudella


  • Shantay


  • Slania

    Health and wellness

  • Vanya

    Gracious, a woman who is graceful to God for everything.

  • Véronique

    Belgian version of Veronica, meaning one who brings victory.

  • Veronike

    Belgian version of Veronica, meaning one who brings victory.

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