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African Boy Names

  • Aasir

    One with a captivating and fascinating personality.

  • Abbo

    A Condiment (Mudama Origin)

  • Abdalah

    the Servant of god

  • Abdalala

    the Slave of the High

  • Abdalalim

    the Servant of the All-knowing

  • Abdalla

    Servant Of God; Servant of Allah

  • Abdi

    Originated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave

  • Abdou

    Great ability to focus on each work; variant of name Abdo

  • Abdu

    Worshipper of God

  • Abdul muiz

    The name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.

  • Abdulkareem

    Generous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of Allah

  • Abdulkhaaliq

    Servant of the Creator

  • Abdullateef

    One who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the Subtle

  • Abdulmateen

    Servant of the Firm; Strong

  • Abdulraheem

    Servant of the Most Compassionate

  • Abdulrahmaan

    Servant of the Mercifully Gracious

  • Abdulraouf

    Servant of the Most Merciful

  • Abdulrazaaq

    Servant of the Maintainer; Provider

  • Abdulsaboor

    Servant of the Patient

  • Abdultawaab

    Servant of the Forgiver

  • Abdulwaahid

    Servant of the One

  • Abdulwahaab

    Servant of the Giver

  • Abedi


  • Abeer

    Variant of Abir; Fragrance

  • Abiola

    (African - Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first days

  • Abioye

    The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola

  • Absko

    Power and strength

  • Abuchi

    A Nobel God or the nobility of a God

  • Abulmughayyis

    The father of one who saves others

  • Addo

    Happy; Ornament; King of the path (African)

  • Ade

    African - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - Man

  • Adeben

    12th Born Child - African Akan

  • Adebowale

    Return of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waiting

  • Ademola

    Crown is Added to My Wealth

  • Adetokunbo

    A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means 'crown

  • Adisa

    Clear Spoken Person - African

  • Adom

    Help from Go; (Akan Origin)

  • Adric

    one who is a blessed ruler

  • Afe

    A Boy who is born on Friday

  • Afolabi

    Child of high status; Born rich and with luxury

  • Afram

    A River In Ghana, Africa

  • Africa

    Pleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold)

  • Agu

    African -Leopard; One who has Agility and Strength of Leopard

  • Ajahni

    African :One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajani

  • Ajaka

    An Oyo emperor who was twice on the throne His father was Oranyan

  • Ajala

    African meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.

  • Ajani

    African : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajahni

  • Akachi

    Ibgo African: The hand of God

  • Akhyar

    Good Excellence

  • Akuchi

    Ibgo African: Wealth from God

  • Akuji

    African - Dead And Awake

  • Alake

    African - One To Be Honored

  • Anane

    African - Fourth Son;

  • Andwele

    African - God Brought Me

  • Asante

    Thank You; one who cam experience good things

  • Ato

    Ghanaian - Who Born on Saturday

  • Atu

    Ghanian name for a Boy born on Saturday

  • Auni

    African Swahili - Help; Assist

  • Ayanda

    One who is always increasing

  • Ayzize

    African - Let it Come

  • Bakari

    A promising and lovely human being

  • Barack


  • Barasa

    Kenyan term meaning meeting site.

  • Barke

    Blessings; occupational name for tanner of leather

  • Bayo

    to find joy

  • Belay

    One who is above everyone; Superior

  • Bello


  • Bem

    African Tiv - Peace; A variant of the name Behm

  • Berko

    Son first born

  • Biko

    He who is a son of a God

  • Biton

    Born After Long Wait

  • Bobo

    African - Born on Tuesday

  • Bomani

    African Swahili - Great Warrior

  • Buru

    A man who is like a bull

  • Camar

    He who is a teacher

  • Camarsa

    One who is born to teach; a born teacher or preacher

  • Carrizoa

    A swamp or a wetland of life

  • Cayman

    He who is like an alligator

  • Chacha

    A strong man

  • Chaga

    A Goat; the one having a dominant personality

  • Chege

    A Kikuyu people of Kenya

  • Chi

    The one who looks like God

  • Chiamaka

    A guardian spirit

  • Chiazam

    Answer sent from God

  • Chidi

    Strongest God

  • Chidike

    The one guided by the God

  • Chike

    A talented individual

  • Chikodi

    It is in the hands of God; It is upto God

  • Chilemba


  • Chima

    God knows everything

  • Chimalsi

    A proud man

  • Chimelu

    God has created them

  • Chitundu

    Bird nest

  • Chiumbo


  • Clevon

    One who hails from the cliff; One who lives in the cliff

  • Dabir

    A brilliant teacher

  • Dada

    One with curly hair

  • Dakarai

    One providing happiness

  • Dakari

    Filled with joy

  • Daktari

    A healer

  • Damisi

    Cheerful personality

  • Daquan

    A combination name; hope

  • Darweshi


  • Davion

    A potential and powerful being

  • Davu

    Starting of a new age

  • Dawit

    One who has a lovely heart

  • Deandre

    A helmet; strong individual

  • Deion

    An all amazing God; perfect

  • Demarco

    A demanding person; one who is of the mark

  • Demond

    The one who is born out of a man

  • Denzel

    The wild one who is very gentle

  • Deogracia

    A God; a child of destiny

  • Deon

    A mighty and all-powerful God

  • Deontay

    One who belongs to Zeus

  • Deonte

    A traveller who has a outstanding personality

  • Diallo

    A strong and bold person

  • Diello

    A bold an powerful person

  • Dion

    One who came from Zeus

  • Dubem

    The Lord is my shepherd

  • Duka

    All; free detailed and determined person

  • Dume

    Resembling a bull; one who is very strong and confident

  • Elon

    God loves the individual

  • Enam

    god's gift.

  • Essien

    a name used for a sixth born child.

  • Etemaad

    faith or trust in African.

  • Eze

    A person who is a King

  • Fadhili

    Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.

  • Fahmeeb

    One who understands

  • Farhani

    A delightful feeling of joy

  • Fariji

    He brings comfort

  • Fehed

    Lynx; Panther; From Kikuyu

  • Feruzi


  • Feye

    The beginning

  • Firhun

    The name of a leader who was protested for West African independence.

  • Fynn

    African - River Ofinn; Old Norse - Finn; Celtic - White, Fair; A variant of name Finn

  • Gacoki

    He returns.

  • Gakere

    Small muscle, muscular.

  • Gakuru

    Elderly one.

  • Gamba

    Tortoise which lives in the water places.

  • Gatete

    Kenyan form for milk gourd.

  • Gathee

    Elderly one.

  • Gathii

    Traveler, wanderer

  • Gatimu

    A spear

  • Gazali

    Someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.

  • Geteye

    My master

  • Ghadhanfar

    The ruler or the king of Jungle, lion.

  • Ghanapriya

    A nem that originates from the country Ghana

  • Gichinga

    A firebrand

  • Gicicio


  • Gikuyu

    Founder of the Agikuyu nation.

  • Gimbya

    Gimbya is a female name and means Princess.

  • Githinji

    A butcher

  • Gitonga

    Wealthy one.

  • Gogana

    It is one of the variations of the name Godana and means male child

  • Gother

    Friendly, The one who loves to do friendship and warmly welcome all the good things in life.

  • Guban

    Guban will be thoughtful, attractive, successful, smart and helpful.

  • Gucauno

    Guncauno starts in Native American dialects and signifies 'one who falls like a bird'

  • Gulussa

    God of the Sky or Ruler of the Sky.

  • Gure

    Left Handed, The one who will be like guru and will assisst and follow up.

  • Haadhir

    Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir

  • Haba

    African - One who is Charming; Favourite; A variant of Haiba

  • Haider

    The King of Jungle, Lion

  • Haile

    African - Power; Old English - Nook, Retreat; A variant of Hale

  • Hajari

    Uesd in Africa,The one who takes flight

  • Halif

    Ally; Confederate; One who Takes an Oath

  • Harbel

    A town name in Margibi County, Liberia

  • Harif

    Pungent; Hot

  • Harmalah

    An african plant

  • Haruni

    Messenger-ship; Mountaineer; A variant of Haruny

  • Hasani

    Handsome and amazing individual

  • Hekima

    Knowledgeable, clever

  • Himayat

    Help; Protection; Guardianship; Support

  • Huba

    Love; Friendship;

  • Hubaab

    Aim; Friendship; Bubble of Water

  • Hubab

    Aim; Friendship

  • Jaali


  • Jabali

    A man who is strong as a rock

  • Jabilo

    A man of medicine

  • Jabulani

    He who rejoices

  • Jaheem

    One who was raised up to be dignified

  • Jaheim

    African Swahili - Raised Up; Dignified; Variants of Jaheim include Jaheem and Jahiem

  • Jahi

    African Swahili - Dignity

  • Jahiem

    African Swahili - Raised Up; Dignified; Variant of Jaheim

  • Jahir

    African Swahili - Dignity; One who has dignity

  • Jaja

    Highly honored person

  • Jali

    One who is powerful

  • Jawara

    One who loves peace

  • Jelaluddin

    The splendour of the trust.

  • Jengo

    The person who has reddish skin color.

  • Jimiyu

    Born during summer.

  • Jomo

    people with this name are jolly and posses the life long passion for their aims. They have a funside and love laughing.

  • Juma

    Juma name means Friday Born

  • Juma'

    The name means Friday

  • Jumah

    Jumah name means Born on Friday

  • Juwan

    The name Juwan means God is Just

  • Juwaun

    Juwaun means God is Gracious

  • Kafu

    Kafu means Quiet

  • Kaikura

    African - Resembling a Ground Squirrel

  • Kamau

    Kamau means Silent Warrior

  • Kame

    Kame means Desolate, Arid

  • Kanelo

    Kanelo name means Enough, Sufficent

  • Kanye

    Kanye means Honor,Tribute

  • Katungi

    Katungi name means Rich and Pure as a Virgin

  • Kayen

    Kayen name means He is Celebrated

  • Kayode

    Kayode means He has brought us Joy

  • Kayonga

    The name means Ash

  • Kazi

    Kazi means Work, To Work

  • Keanjaho

    A mountain of beans.

  • Keb

    Keb means Part of the Eart

  • Keldon

    Keldon menas Town of the Keels

  • Kenyi

    Kenyi means a Son born after 3 daughters

  • Kesia

    Keshwar means Tribe

  • Khamari

    African,Caribbean Prince or Moonlight; Dreamer

  • Khari

    Khari means Kingly

  • Kijani

    The name means Warrior

  • Kimoni

    Kimoni means Great Man

  • Kimotho

    Kimotho means Left-Handed

  • Kiros

    Means The King

  • Kofi

    Kofi means He is born on a Friday

  • Kosi

    Kosi means He who is Born on a Sunday

  • Kwabena

    Kwabena means Born onThuesday

  • Kwadwo

    The name means Born on Monday

  • Kwame

    A Boy who is born on Saturday

  • Kwanza

    Kwanza means Beginning, Birth

  • Laquan

    A quiet, shy person

  • Lebron

    African word for King

  • Leeto

    The one who embarks on an adventure

  • Lemma

    A cultivated person

  • Lencho

    He who is like a Lion

  • Limba

    African tree; happiness

  • Lishan

    African - One who is awarded a medal; Defender of mankind

  • Lisimba

    Egyptian name for Lion

  • Lolonyo

    African name meaning Love is beautiful

  • Lonan

    A Zuni Tribe name that means Cloud

  • Maitho

    The eyes that give you sight

  • Makalo

    A person considered a wonder, a surprise

  • Malomo

    Yoruba - Dont go anymore; Do not go away again

  • Mandela

    African name describing spectacles

  • Mandla

    African name for strenght

  • Manute

    An African name

  • Mejdan

    A glorified person, a glorious person

  • Mensa

    Third one in the family, third conceived baby Boy.

  • Mewelde

    The glittering pearl.

  • Mpenda


  • Mukami

    A person who milks cows.

  • Naaib

    A representative or a leader.

  • Naaji

    A valuable or favourable person

  • Naashaad

    The one who is unfortunate and depressed.

  • Naasi

    Person who is understandable or unmistakable.

  • Nabeh

    The person who is honourable and extraordinary.

  • Nanji

    Shelter, shield, safeguard.

  • Nathaar

    The scattered tiny pieces of something

  • Natori


  • Ndamukong

    A house to keep or store spears

  • Ndwiga

    Kenyan word for giraffe.

  • Nnamdi

    My father is still abides.

  • Nyack

    The Facial expression in anger, displeasure, sadness or worry by the lord.

  • Nzinga

    Beloved person who came from river

  • Obi

    One with the beautiful essence, who has the quality of charming aroma. Also, one who have the quality to charm others.

  • Obuya

    Born when the garden was overgrown.

  • Ochieng

    Born in the daytime.

  • Odikinyi

    One who was born in the early morning.

  • Odo

    Passionately oiled.

  • Odongo

    Second of twins.

  • Odour

    Born after midnight.

  • Oghenerioborue

    Great novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest

  • Ohon

    The name is preserved.

  • Ojwang

    One who survived despite neglect.

  • Okello

    One who was born after twins.

  • Okeyo

    One who was born during the harvest.

  • Olu

    The one who is out standing or extra ordinary.

  • Oluoch

    One who was born on a cloudy day.

  • Omariba

    Kenyan word for clay.

  • Omondi

    He who was born at dawn.

  • Omwancha

    He who loves people.

  • Onkwani

    He who talks a lot.

  • Opiyo

    First of the twins.

  • Oringo

    God is merciful

  • Osogo

    The Osogo birth.

  • Othenio

    Give birth by night.

  • Othiambo

    One who was born in the evening.

  • Owiti

    One who was born after a misfortune.

  • Owuor

    One who was born mid morning.

  • Paki

    One who is born to witness; unique and wonderful

  • Pili

    Second child

  • Qani

    Content, satisfied person

  • Rael

    Someone who is as innocent as a lamb; A variant name is Raele

  • Raimi

    A compassionate person

  • Rashidi

    A wise man

  • Rayle

    One whose innocence is compared to a lamb

  • Riitho

    Kenyan term meaning an eye to see with.

  • Roho

    A soul of the man

  • Ruguru

    Comes from the west.

  • Ruhiu


  • Sadik

    He who is a friend

  • Sanga

    Means he came from the valley

  • Saran

    African name meaning joy

  • Sarki


  • Seghen


  • Selas


  • Selassie

    One that refers to a trinity

  • Senwe

    Dry like the grain

  • Shaquan

    He always tells the truth in life

  • Sindhile

    One who is a survivor

  • Sokoro

    Lucky one

  • Sondo

    A person born on a Sunday

  • Sudi

    One who brings luck

  • Sulaiman

    A prophet's name, solomon

  • Sulayman

    A prophet's name, solomon

  • Tadelesh

    A lucky man

  • Tafadhdhal

    An obligation or commitment to someone

  • Tafari

    He who inspires awe

  • Tahir

    Pure, clean

  • Talib

    Seeker of truth

  • Tambia

    A name of the second born son

  • Tanishia

    He who is born on Monday

  • Tano

    Name of the river

  • Tedros

    Award from God

  • Tefo

    A payment or a reward

  • Tegama

    A region in Niger

  • Tenen

    He who is born on Monday

  • Tennant

    Tenant, renter

  • Thabiti

    A true man

  • Thabo

    He who brings joy

  • Thandiwe

    He who is loved

  • Thulani

    One who is very quiet

  • Tiassale

    African name, means that something is forgotten

  • Trory

    A red skinned person, dark skinned

  • Tuma

    Refers to eternal or endless.

  • Tumaini


  • Tumo

    Favourable public reputation.

  • Tuwile

    Kenyan term meaning death is invincible.

  • Wachiru

    Son of a judge

  • Waithaka

    Of the land.

  • Waitimu

    Born of spear.

  • Waiyaki

    Famous leader of the Agikuyu.

  • Wamai

    The one who came from the water.

  • Wambua

    Born during the rain

  • Wamugunda

    Of the land

  • Wamukota

    One who is left handed.

  • Wamwarav

    He who is intelligent.

  • Wangombe

    Of the cattle.

  • Wangondu

    Of the sheep

  • Wanjala


  • Wanjohi

    Kenyan word for brewer.

  • Waruhiu

    One who always bears a weapon.

  • Warui

    One who comes from the river.

  • Wasaki

    The Enemy

  • Waweru

    Born of plain.

  • Wekesa

    Born during the time the crops gather.

  • Yaro


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