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Afghan Boy Names

  • Aakrama

    Name of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Aarash

    First ray of the sun.

  • Aazar

    The 9th month of celebration.

  • Abdiesus

    One who serves.

  • Abdul Hannan

    The slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderhearted

  • Abdul Jaleel

    Servant of the majestic, servant of Allah.

  • Abdul Malik

    Servant of the King (Allah).

  • Abdul Muti

    Servant of Allah.

  • Abdul Muzanni

    Name of the narrator of Hadith

  • Abdul Nafi

    Slave of the Propitious.

  • Abdul Qahhar

    Servant of Allah

  • Abed

    Worshipper; Adorer

  • Abu-Zar

    Name of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Akbarkhan

    A name of the Afghan Prince and a General

  • Almeida

    Low hill or plateau

  • Amardad

    Immorality, one who is immortal.

  • Amooz

    Teacher, or instructor.

  • Anoushiravan

    Name of an ancient Iranian king.

  • Anwaaraddin

    Light of the faith, brilliance of the faith

  • Ariabood

    The tribe leader

  • Armeen

    Name of a character In Shahnameh.

  • Aryo

    Name of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.

  • Arzhang

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Asadi

    One strong like a lion.

  • Ashtak

    One of the names of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Azfaar

    Victory and triumph

  • Azhar-ud-din

    Most visible, one who explains the religion.

  • Azoom

    One who is extremely talented and wise.

  • Azzami

    One who is fierce like a lion.

  • Azzat

    Azzat is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Azzah, and means gazelle.

  • Baddar

    One who's always on time. A punctual man.

  • Badeed

    Sample, or specimen

  • Badih

    Able to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.

  • Badilayn

    Badilayn is an Arabic name, meaning substitutes, or replacements.

  • Badrawi

    One who is like the full moon, beautiful and radiant.

  • Baghish

    Light rain that affects just a small area.

  • Baha al Din

    Beauty of faith or a helper or supporter.

  • Bahiri

    Variant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

  • Bahirun

    A brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

  • Bahlul

    One who smiles often, or one who does a lot of good deeds.

  • Bahnam

    A reputable and honorable person.

  • Dadvar

    Judge or one who is just.

  • Faireh

    The bringer of happiness.

  • Farjaad

    Excellent, or eminent in learning.

  • Farzaad

    One who is high-born, or of a high-status.

  • Futtehkhan

    The triumph or a ruler, or a winner king

  • Gulraiz

    Gardener, one who takes care of the garden.

  • Gulrez

    They are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.

  • Gulru

    They are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.

  • Ibad ur Rehman

    Worshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.

  • Imam

    Leader or chief

  • Isaad

    A cooperative man

  • Isfandiyar

    The brave king. Also the name of an Iranian king.

  • Jaah

    Dignity or grandeur.

  • Jabroot

    Magnificent or majestic.

  • Jammas

    One who is naughty and sprightly.

  • Jansher

    Life of a lion

  • Jehanzaib

    Adorn, decorate or embellish.

  • Kardaar

    Controller, or supervisor

  • Khan Zada

    A very big man.

  • Lodhi

    name of Afghan tribe

  • Maiwand

    Afghan place name, a famous place near Qandhar

  • Mateen

    A well-mannered person

  • Mehrang

    Color of the sun.

  • Mirwais

    A King like leader, also referred to Grand-father

  • Moinkhan

    The person who is very affectionate and loving.

  • Mukhtar

    The chosen one.

  • Mursalin

    Messengers, or message-bearers

  • Musa

    Saved from the water

  • Naseefa

    Speech that is spoken in secret.

  • Nawaskhan

    A generous ruler, one who gives

  • Nouman

    Flower beds

  • Painda

    A wise and intelligent man.

  • Parwaiz

    Commendable, success, victory, and triumphant.

  • Pazir

    One who is good in the eyes of everyone.

  • Poya

    The one who is constantly searching for something

  • Qammar

    Moon, lunar, or lunar month.

  • Rayi


  • Shahmeer

    One who is very handsome.

  • Shahou

    The best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.

  • Shahpar

    The longest feather in a bird.

  • Shahpur

    Prince, son of a king.

  • Shahu

    The best and most valuable pearl

  • Shehzad

    Prince, or offspring of a king,

  • Soban

    To return to Allah, or to repent.

  • Tabish

    Warmth of brilliance.

  • Tabsheer

    A person who brings good news.

  • Taimur

    Iron, as strong as iron.

  • Tajj

    Authority, or crown

  • Tashfeen

    One who is kind, affectionate and sympathetic.

  • Wamiq

    A loving and friendly woman.

  • Yar

    A companion or friend.

  • Yesal

    The crown of flowers

  • Zadfar

    Glorious birth.

  • Zain ul Abideen

    Adornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.

  • Zakariya

    God has remembered

  • Zarak


  • Zartash

    Gold carver

  • Zaryan

    Seeker of wealth.

  • Zemar


  • Zilal


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